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Leicestershire developer partners homelessness charity with crisp packet recycling

Leicestershire developer partners homelessness charity with crisp packet recycling

Coalville-based developer David Wilson Homes East Midlands has started a collection of crisp packets for a donation to a charity which recycles the packets to create survival equipment for the homeless.

The housebuilder is hosting the collection for employees at its divisional office in Bardon, and plans to donate the empty, rinsed packets to The Crisp Packet Project in December, ahead of Christmas.

Employees at David Wilson Homes launched the initiative ahead of Recycle Week (17th to 23rd October) and all of the crisp packets will be donated to the charity which recycles them to create survival equipment for those in need.

It takes 44 packets to make a survival sheet, 55 for a blanket and 100 to make a bivi bag which, for simply keeping hold of a crisp packet after consumption, can make a huge difference for homeless people across the UK.

Pen Huston, Founder and Director of the Crisp Packet Project, said:

“Together we can make a difference to one use plastics and saving lives this winter.”

The worldwide project was introduced in November 2019 by Pen Huston, and many hundreds of people have now made these items to help others to keep warm.

All unwashed crisp packets are also now donated to Terracyle KP; an organisation which helps The Crisp Packet Project to raise funds for its headquarters in Hastings, plus the Rain Forest.

As part of the collection, the rinsed crisp packets are sent to the charity to be recycled, transformed into survival equipment and distributed to those who need it most.

John Reddington, Managing Director at David Wilson Homes East Midlands, said:

“We’re delighted to have started our collection of crisp packets and will look forward to making a donation to such a worthwhile cause ahead of Christmas.

“The Crisp Packet Project does a fantastic job in supporting homeless people, but also in its efforts to recycle and this links to our own objectives to become the leading sustainable housebuilder.”

More information about the work of the charity can be found by visiting the website at The Crisp Packet Project.

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