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East Midlands revealed as the most helpful region in England

East Midlands revealed as the most helpful region in England

The East Midlands has been revealed as the region that wants to help the community the most, despite many other regions preferring to help their fellow citizen less.

The national research, commissioned by Redrow, revealed almost two-thirds (62%) of people in the East Midlands said they would like to help out more in their community – the most of any region that was surveyed in the UK-wide report.

A study has revealed the top 40 factors which make up the perfect member of the community, including picking up rubbish and checking on an elderly member of the community. However, 39% of participants in the region admit that they consider themselves to be ‘average’ citizens, who don’t go above and beyond in their local area.

West Midlands and East Midlands came out on top as seeing themselves as the perfect citizen (24% and 23% respectively), compared to just 1% in the North East and 4% in Yorkshire and the Humber.

It also emerged that 43% of people from the East Midlands feel ‘worthwhile’ when they do something that they believe benefits their community, while 56% in the region have made good friends with their neighbours after coming together to work on a common goal. The study also found 16% of people in the East Midlands would consider someone who’s happy to help a neighbour jump-start a car to be a great citizen.

The study, carried out via OnePoll for Redrow, found 58% of people in the East Midlands believe there are fewer ‘model citizens’ in their area than there would have been a decade ago.

The top signs you are a model citizen include checking on elderly neighbours, volunteering and picking up rubbish in the community, according to recent research.

Ryan O’Sullivan, Sales Director at Redrow East Midlands said: “Here at Redrow, we strive to deliver a better way of living for people, and that means thinking about the our developments and the communities in which we build.

“Our research shows homeowners living with a higher level of community spirit are happier, which is why we ensure all of our developments follow our ‘Listen to Learn’ placemaking design principle.

“This approach recognises that a successful place to live is one which responds to the needs and aspirations of the local community and is thoughtfully designed to encourage sustainable community engagement.

“Our study has shown that here in the East Midlands homeowners help our community more than any other region and the developments in the region highlight this.

“If you are in the market for a new home and are looking for a thriving and welcoming area to live – I would recommend coming along to one of our developments in the East Midlands and seeing what life could be like living in a Redrow community.”

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