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New inspirational business podcast launches

New inspirational business podcast launches

The relatable and inspiring story of a mother torn between the expectations of a corporate career and family life is the first to be told in a new thought-provoking podcast.

The Brand New Business Podcast, by Trudie Avery of Avery Creative, launches on Monday, 26th September, and focuses on real life people telling real life stories to encourage and inspire.

The series includes weekly episodes from inspirational business people, telling their incredible, uplifting and emotive stories of start-up pitfalls and successes. It aims to be motivational for many workers trying to find the courage to make a career change or start a business.

The first episode focuses on Sam, a corporate mum who decided to set up her own business as a virtual assistant after having to fly to a business meeting only hours after her 18-month-old daughter’s emergency operation.

Trudie said: “I love Sam’s story as it speaks to so many mums in a corporate world. She’s such a lovely person, her work ethic is incredible but the sacrifices that she had to make in her personal life became too much for any mother to bear.”

Trudie, who has a passion for helping entrepreneurs to reach their full potential through her expertise in branding and logo creation, has recorded six podcast interviews so far, including conversations with a former teacher, a one-time prison worker, and an RAF officer turned business coach.

“I’m really excited as they are all really great stories,” said Trudie. “For example, the RAF officer said her self-worth was in tatters by the time she left her 17 year career in the armed forces. She’s had to completely rebuild her self-confidence to become the coach she is now.

“This podcast is about people who never really thought they could, but did,” said Trudie. “People like you and me who have a passion or an idea and a little bit of hope. I want this series to motivate anyone who thinks they’d like to do something different but don’t think it’s possible. It is.

“I want people to find the confidence and inspiration to take that dream and make that leap. The time is now. You think you can’t, but, just maybe, you can.”

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