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Kohler expands distributer partnership with WB Power Services

Kohler expands distributer partnership with WB Power Services

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Following the success of its authorised distributer partnership with Kohler, Derbyshire based WB Power Services has today announced the expansion of the arrangement, which now gives the critical power provider exclusive rights to service all data centres in England, Scotland and Wales.

The agreement, which came into effect at the end of August 2022, is initially in place for the next three years and cements the long-standing relationship between WB Power Services and Kohler, the leading provider of engines, generators and UPS products.

As part of the enhanced partnership, Kohler is also recommending that is former dealers in England, Scotland and Wales purchase parts directly from WB Power Services.

In addition to supporting data centres, WB Power Services will continue to supply all businesses who require Kohler parts, from healthcare providers, education, telecoms and the wider public sector amongst others.

Comments WBPS Managing Director, Andy Wilmott: “We are proud to be the largest Kohler distributor in Europe and this agreement cements our long-term partnership. We have worked with Kohler for many years and now not only are we the UK’s largest authorised distributor, but we will also be supporting dealers with their Kohler spare part requirements.

“As part of our partnership, we share Kohler’s expertise when it comes to supporting customers looking for generating units, spare parts or service kits across its full range, providing a seamless experience.”


WBPS provides turnkey critical power infrastructure, from single generators (10kVA to 4.5MVA+), to large multi-synchronous packages. It has built up a large fleet of over 1000 ‘Rental Compact’ Kohler generators, allowing customers to hire the exact units wanted, for a the time needed.

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