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Nottingham flower company helps workplace wellbeing blossom with workplace wellbeing initiative

Nottingham flower company helps workplace wellbeing blossom with workplace wellbeing initiative

The post-pandemic workplace features increased reports of employee burnout, with Google Trends data showing that searches for burnout symptoms have increased by 54% over the past 12 months.

A Nottinghamshire flower company, Honey and Fleur, has seen interest grow in its workplace flowers service based in the belief that flowers in the workplace can play an important role in fostering mindfulness and lowering employee stress levels.

Honey and Fleur was Launched in 2020 by Elizabeth Honey, who herself suffered from burnout in her previous career as a HR professional. It offers a simple service, providing businesses with small vases of locally grown, fresh flowers delivered straight to the workplace each week ready to go, with the added bonus of access to a bespoke online wellbeing platform.

Designed specifically for the office, the vases can sit on desks and be used in communal or break out areas. The seasonal flowers are available in three vase sizes. Elizabeth believes the service offers a unique business tool, providing many benefits to both employers and employees.

Honey and Fleur owner, Elizabeth Honey, said:

“In my previous career, I had seen how many employers were happy to have flowers in receptions for clients, but just settled for fake flowers and plants in the actual office and working areas. We believe that simply having fresh flowers around the workplace, including on desks, in breakout areas and collaborative spaces, can make all the difference to employees, especially at a time when many workers across the UK are feeling the strain more than ever before. It also makes employees feel valued and that employers are investing in their environment and wellbeing.

“There is a raft of studies that show the positive impact flowers, plants and nature can have on people’s wellbeing, and despite many misconceptions, flowers needn’t just be for the female population. In fact, studies have shown that regardless of gender, being around flowers can make people feel calmer, boost feelings of life satisfaction, greatly impact happiness, decrease anxiety and depression levels and reduce stress levels. They can also greatly boost problem solving skills and creativity too.”

In addition, Honey and Fleur also offers subscribed businesses access to its free online mindfulness hub which features a selection of mindfulness information as well as practical tools all employees can try at work and home.

Elizabeth added:

“I know firsthand just how damaging workplace stress can be, which is why I’m so passionate about helping as many businesses as possible do their bit to help their employees improve their wellbeing. Employers can build our flower services into their employee wellbeing initiatives, employee branding and employee engagement offering which will in turn also help to improve the business overall, as a happy workforce is central any business’ success.”

With prices starting from £10, all Honey and Fleur flowers are sourced in the UK from local growers and are delivered in recycled glass bottles and vases. Businesses have the option to have the flowers delivered to the office, or to employees’ home address for those working from home or hybrid working, with hay-fever friendly flowers also available for those who suffer with allergies.

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