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Heart-warming stories showcase importance of investing in professional and personal lives of workforce

Heart-warming stories showcase importance of investing in professional and personal lives of workforce

As we all continue to navigate these challenging and uncertain times, the safety and security of our livelihoods has bever been so important.

At moments like these, we often look to our local communities and families for that much needed support and comfort.

This is exactly what Geary’s Bakery provides its employees in Leicester. Situated in Glenfield, the family-run bakery company has a long-established close-knit and rewarding company culture that not only supports all employees with their professional aspirations, but also their personal goals as well.

Known for producing high quality, traditionally made bread to some of the UK’s best-known retailers, especially through its Jason’s Sourdough range, Geary’s Bakery has become a staple among the business community in Leicester and the wider East Midlands region.

Despite the adverse impact of Covid across the UK, Geary’s dedication to help employees reach their full potential and continue to offer vital support to those that need it most in the local community was unwavering. To demonstrate the multitude of benefits that come with businesses investing time, resources and finance in their own workforce, I’ve put together two case studies of individuals of completely different backgrounds who have worked up the ranks at Geary’s.

Case study one: Richard Wardle (53), who holds the position of a Stores Supervisor, joined Geary’s after a lengthy stint as a Publican. Despite making a complete career change later in life, Richard has been able to flourish as a Geary’s employee. Starting in a temp role, Richard soon climbed the ranks after receiving continuous support from the senior management team and gaining multiple qualifications along the way. Despite having a disability that may have postponed his career progression, Geary’s acted without hesitation to offer their assistance in any way possible and ensure his professional development remained uncompromised during this time.

Case study two: Originally hailing from Poland, Kamila Mackowska ( 28) holds the position of Supply Chain Shift Planner after securing her first ever permanent job in the UK more than seven years ago. Despite speaking very little English when joining the business, the unwavering support and guidance from senior management enabled her to progress even further through a series of professional training development programmes. Even after discovering she suffered from arthritis in her hip, which required urgent hip replacement surgery, Geary’s adjusted Kamila’s hours to give her ample time to recover without jeopardising or adversely impacting her career and progression. 

It is beyond a doubt that Geary’s is a credit to the Leicester business community and significantly contributes to the lives of those it employs.

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