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Busy hub's chief reveals exciting move

Busy hub's chief reveals exciting move

It’s all-go at a Lincoln counselling enterprise which is experiencing a surge in demand for its services “post-Covid” whilst its energetic Chief Executive is celebrating adding another string to her bow!

Visitors to the Naomi Watkins Counselling Hub Community Interest Company (NWCH CIC) Open Day included representatives from companies such as Micronclean, who can refer staff to NWCH, health and care sector professionals, counsellors and clients.

They heard its therapists are facing unrelenting demand from prospective clients, after two tough years of working flat out to support people with telephone and online counselling throughout the Pandemic.

At the same time, Hub Chief Executive Naomi Watkins-Ligudzinska, who has steered the CIC to new heights and recently been shortlisted in a string of business competitions, has also become a Social Enterprise Coach.

The disruption caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic may have receded, but it has left a legacy and families’ mental well-being is now being severely tested by worries about soaring energy costs, and fuel and food price hikes.

These are pushing people, including many who were already struggling with anxiety, depression, sexual or domestic abuse, or suicide ideation, into crisis.

Naomi said:

“At NWCH our counsellors are working hard to support an ever-growing number of people, who are referred to us by health professionals or who have heard about us from other clients.

“People are battling today’s cost of living pressures, which have come hot on the heels of two incredibly stressful years. We are continually bidding for financial support to help as many people as possible, without having a huge waiting list.”

Naomi is proud of NWCH’s growth over its five-year life. In recent months it hit a point where it was providing support for up to 800 people a month.

Her success in expanding the CIC has encouraged her to share her expertise with other entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about starting a venture that “gives something back” to society.

“I thoroughly enjoy my work as a therapist and leading the team at the Hub, but it is clear that there is a fast-rising trend in the numbers of people eager to start mission-based enterprises, which make a visible difference to people’s lives or the future of the planet,” said Naomi.

“Whilst it is really rewarding to run a social enterprise, there are many potential pitfalls would-be business owners need to be aware of. For example, a CIC is a legal entity and philanthropic entrepreneurs must decide how they will deal with their profits.

“Measuring success is not straightforward. It involves looking at the organisation’s profitability, human impact, and commitment to society. As a social enterprise coach, I am excited about the prospect of helping new entrepreneurs to put their venture onto a sound footing.”


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