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Leicestershire-based M-EC continues their ‘earn and learn’ commitment by joining The 5% Club

Leicestershire-based M-EC continues their ‘earn and learn’ commitment by joining The 5% Club

M-EC, a development technical consultant based in Leicestershire, have showcased their commitment to developing its people by joining The 5% Club, an industry-led initiative focused on driving momentum into the recruitment of apprentices, graduates and sponsored students.

The 5% Club, initiated by Leo Quinn Group CEO of Balfour Beatty in 2013, is a movement of more than 700 employers providing ‘earn and learn’ opportunities to develop the skills and talents people need to become more employable and create meaningful careers. Companies joining The 5% Club commit to raising the number of apprentices, sponsored students and graduates on formal programmes to 5% of their workforce within five years. Members are also asked to publicly report their progress in their Annual Report. Existing members range from SMEs to FTSEs and cover a number of diverse industries, from engineering through to the legal sector.

M-EC ensure that everyone within the organisation has a professional development and training plan tailored towards personal aspirations regardless of role position. To support younger people further, M-EC offers an apprenticeship scheme which encourages those starting in their career to access intermediate and graduate positions, providing a suitable route based on the current skills and education level. This route gives people both the ability to gain on-the-job work experience and qualifications, forging meaningful career paths and helping to bridge the gap of unskilled workers.

Now more than ever, there is a strong emphasis on supporting younger people in roles with an ability to upskill. Joining the 5% club is the next step for M-EC to show their commitment to investing in the success of the UK’s next generation. By Summer 2022, M-EC will have four employees studying as part of the apprenticeship scheme, gaining an accredited qualification, and three on a graduate programme.

Joanna Stevens, Head of People and Culture at M-EC, said,

“We are delighted to have been accepted as a member of the 5% club. This membership showcases our consistent commitment to developing the skills of our new and existing workforce. College and University isn’t for everyone, so the available programme is designed to offer immediate school leavers and those who have completed A-Levels or equivalent qualifications access to further their education and create a long-term career in engineering.”

Gill Cronin, Director of Operations of The 5% Club, said,

“We’re delighted to welcome M-EC into membership. The 5% Club provides a fantastic network of HR professionals, sharing and learning from each other.  All our members share an ethos of creating a skilled workforce through ‘earn and learn’ development programmes, helping people develop meaningful career paths.”

M-EC apprenticeship scheme has been running for over ten years and has been the starting point for many careers in engineering. M-EC offer those new to the technical world an opportunity to gain the skills, knowledge and qualifications required to build and excel in their career.

By joining the M-EC Apprenticeship programme, you can gain meaningful skills, practical training and work experience whilst attending college or university and working towards a recognised qualification.

If you would like to find out more about M-EC or the 5% club, you can visit the company websites at: /

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