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A.W. Lymn Centenary Foundation Donates £10k to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour and St Alban  Ukrainian Catholic Church

A.W. Lymn Centenary Foundation Donates £10k to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour and St Alban Ukrainian Catholic Church

The Centenary Foundation, which was launched by A.W. Lymn The Family Funeral Service, in 2007 has donated £10,000 to a Ukrainian Catholic Church in Nottingham to help families fleeing the war to settle in the Midlands.

Located on Bond Street in Sneinton, The Church has a long history of supporting the Ukrainian community. Having served families in the local area for many years, A.W. Lymn has built-up a close relationship with the church.

Following the outbreak of war in Ukraine, A.W. Lymn contacted The Very Reverend David Senyk to see if the Centenary Foundation could be of any assistance with helping those affected by the conflict.

Jackie Lymn Rose, Director at A.W. Lymn, said:

“When we heard the news of the outbreak of war in Ukraine, we were absolutely horrified and knew immediately that we wanted to do something to help in any way we could. Having worked with Father David at the Church for many years, we contacted him to offer our support.”

The Centenary Foundation was set up by A.W. Lymn to mark 100 years of service to the families of Nottinghamshire and South Derbyshire and to thank those communities for their continued loyalty and commitment. Since then, A.W. Lymn has donated at least £10 to the Trust for every private funeral that it services.

Donations are then managed by the five Trustees of the foundation, who decide how best to distribute the assets of the Trust to the benefit of local worthy causes.

Jackie added:

“It was unanimously decided by the Trustees to support the Church, and we hope that this contribution can be used effectively to the benefit of those seeking refuge in the Midlands. We are committed to doing what we can as a business to help ease the disruption and devastation those in Ukraine are facing.”

On receiving the donation, Father David Senyk, Chancellor at The Holy Family Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of London said:

“We are so thankful for the extremely kind and most generous donation. It will go a very long way to easing the suffering of those who have been forced to abandon their lives, through no fault of their own, and now face the most onerous challenge of building a new life with limited resources and support.

“It is through the generosity of wonderful individuals and businesses such as A.W. Lymn that our church will be able to ease part of the burden and some of the obstacles that families are struggling with.”

A.W. Lymn is headquartered in Nottingham and has been helping the bereaved in the region for more than 110 years. It employs over 120 staff and operates 27 funeral homes across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

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