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Flotec is raising awareness  for good causes!

Flotec is raising awareness for good causes!

Loughborough-based Flotec, a trusted and leading supplier of hydraulic, pneumatic and pipeline products to industry, has launched the ‘Share to Care’ campaign.

Flotec has launched its very own ‘Share to Care’ campaign, to raise awareness about a mixture of charities and good causes of which, various employees feel passionate about.

Flotec’s Head of Marketing, Barry Michael Aldridge, explains how the idea evolved:

“Earlier this year, I was developing an updated marketing strategy for the business and had just finished reading a book by Alec Ross. Titled ‘The Raging 2020’s’, in one chapter Ross was discussing shareholder capitalist organisations whose primary concern is the value of corporate share value over employee wellbeing and their local communities.

It made me think about how rewarding it feels working for SME Flotec and that being an employee-owned company nurtures a genuine feeling of ownership and solidarity amongst us all. With the commercial and external stakeholder strategy cemented, I began considering internal employee engagement and how everybody could become involved in marketing by raising awareness about a good cause close to their hearts, which would hopefully create enthusiasm amongst the team.

I threw my preliminary idea out to the office, not knowing how it would be perceived. The response was incredibly positive where the concept began to take shape and blossom. We talked excitedly about charities that felt personal to us and gave an explanation as to why.

There was a kind of energy felt within the room and a belief that this could be something quite magical.”

Chloe Smith, Purchasing Executive for Flotec expands:

“This was great thinking on Barry’s part and got us coming up with some exceptional ideas as to how we can all learn from one another before telling our stories to the outside world.

It feels massively special because it is providing a powerful voice for us to collectively stand up for causes which we think are important, raise awareness to other people outside of Flotec and influence positive change.”

For Barry, there was an additional driver behind the ‘Share to Care’ initiative. In July 2016, he was the victim of a serious hate crime.

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