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Groundbreaking new technology reduces human exposure to air pollution by 91%

Groundbreaking new technology reduces human exposure to air pollution by 91%

The Roadvent system developed by UK company Pollution Solution over the past 8 years, has now officially launched the world’s first technology, scientifically proven to be highly effective at reducing human exposure to deadly road based air pollutants.

The company is asking governments and employers around the world for immediate action to improve air quality for citizens and employees at both public areas and workplaces.

Air pollution is estimated to reduce global life expectancy by an average of 2 years, accounting for more than cigarettes or alcohol, according to a new report by the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago. This accounts for a collective 17 billion years of life.

Roadvent’s inventor, Thomas Delgado says:

“We believe that breathing clean air is a human right. We want to offer communities around the globe an interim solution that will give them clean air today, while we are on the journey towards cleaner forms of transportation.”

How it works

The system is built into existing or new roads and sucks in gases and particles emitted from vehicles at urban pollution hot spots, avoiding dispersion into the atmosphere.

The dirty air that is captured goes through a filtration process at the system’s ‘air cabinet’ on the roadside, which then releases clean air.

Where it will be installed

Roadvent’s focus on health means that it was designed for “pollution hot spots”, consisting of high-traffic slow moving locations.

The company highlights a few examples such as schools drop-off and pick-up points, school commuter routes, airport & hospital short-stay points, traffic light junctions, taxi ranks, bus stops congested roads and junctions, drive-thru restaurants and distribution centres.

How it will impact our community

Professor James Lee of University of York commented that after analysing a report, he believes the Roadvent system could really make a difference, particularly with its effectiveness at bringing high levels of NO2 to below the guideline limits set by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

By enabling governments and employers to provide air below those limits, we could expect an improvement on public health and a reduction of the risk of children and adults developing long-term illnesses and death.

When considering the costs of financial healthcare burden associated with poor air quality, the system seems to pose a rather cost effective solution and a prosperous investment in human lives and in the NHS.

Other benefits such as reducing the negative impact that ULEZ & CAZ can have on surrounding neighbourhoods that have seen an increase in traffic from drivers avoiding the chargeable zones are to be expected.

With a long lifespan of over 25 years, low maintenance required, and powered by renewable energy, Pollution Solution has stated that Roadvent is the perfect interim solution to meeting air quality targets and saving lives over the years while we transition to more sustainable means of transportation.


For more information, head over to their website - or watch their launch video here -

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