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Surviving the storm: Building products firm takes back control despite materials shortage

Surviving the storm: Building products firm takes back control despite materials shortage

Despite the industry’s ongoing stock shortages, leading supplier of specialist building products, PermaGroup, has continued to pride itself on providing permanent solutions to age old problems - stepping outside the box to successfully navigate the sector’s challenges.

Although there is little that can be done to improve the supply chain issues, aside from waiting for the worst to pass, PermaGroup has continued to follow its unique approach to ensure customers are still catered for.

Adrian Buttress, managing director of PermaGroup, said:

“I’m proud of the way we have responded as a company to the stock shortages, which have been an issue since early 2020. We’ve taken decisive action to support our customers and stayed flexible to allow us to respond quickly to the changing circumstances.”

Having implemented a three-pronged approach at the start of the crisis, involving purchasing in bulk, establishing CPD seminars to upskill individuals and rewarding customer loyalty, PermaGroup’s strategy has paid off, reaching all of its key KPIs, and exceeding many, in the first four months of the year.

The first quarter of 2022 also saw PermaGroup expand its board, welcoming new investment and expertise to support and bolster the company’s ambitious plans for growth and strengthen its leadership team – safeguarding the business’ future.

Adrian added:

“Recently, I made the decision to sell some of my shareholding to a private equity company and bring on new board members – something that had always been part of my plans when I became MD. Now was the perfect time to implement this, as it has allowed us to reset targets, adapt our strategy and prepare confidently for the coming years.”

James Wooster, director of Owner Venture Managers, the additional shareholder alongside Adrian, said:

”PermaGroup is an innovative business and I’m eager to join the board to support its future success as it continues to grow from strength to strength to service more customers than ever before. Adrian’s remarkable leadership has seen it thrive, despite the challenges of the past couple of years, and it’s a journey I’m excited to be on.”

Adrian added:

“The coming year is full of possibilities for us and, as we look ahead, I want to continue delivering the best possible solutions to our customers, no matter the obstacles. As a business, this is our number one priority and, with several potential acquisitions on the horizon, alongside the introduction of a southern and northern base as well, there’s a lot to look forward to.”

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