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Nigel Rowlson hands over Presidency of Nottingham City Business Club

Nigel Rowlson hands over Presidency of Nottingham City Business Club

A fond farewell to Nigel Rowlson as President of Nottingham City Business Club, as baton is passed to Ross Davies

Nigel Rowlson’s presidency of Nottingham City Business Club (NCBC) will come to an end this month, with current vice president Ross Davies being invited to step up to the role of president.

On Friday 20th May NCBC will host its Annual General Meeting immediately before its monthly members lunch where Mich Stevenson of Spenbeck will feature as guest speaker.

This date is also set to mark the end of Nigel Rowlson’s twelve month presidency of the club and welcome Director of Strafe Creative, Ross Davies, into the role. 

After a year of transition for many businesses and individuals, Nigel has enjoyed leading the way for the Club and its members during one of its toughest periods.

“Stepping into the position of President during such an uncertain time was not something I took lightly. I had a clear vision of how I wanted to develop the Club but had to remain flexible as we came out of a more isolated way of life,”

“It was important for me to slowly build back up numbers for our events and meetings, encouraging new and old faces to make those all important connections. While I realise it was a challenging time for all of us, I’m proud of how we have worked together and come out the other side as an even stronger collective,”

Nigel adds, “Over the last twelve months it has also been a priority for NCBC to become more representative of the different cultures and backgrounds that make up Nottingham’s business community. What we’ve seen as a result of our efforts is a more diverse crowd attending lunches throughout the year and participating across our membership as a whole,”

“My tenure was always going to be tough but the tide has started to turn and we are finally achieving some of the goals that we set out last year - which I’m really proud of! Most notably, I’m proud of the connections we have made through presentations from younger business leaders such as Doughnotts or those that serve younger demographics such as the DHP Family - responsible for music venues including Rock City,”

He continues, “ I’m sure that over the next twelve months, Ross will only continue to inspire the Club’s membership base and help us to go to the next level of what’s achievable for such a historic Club.”

As is tradition, a new president is appointed to lead the club each year with current Vice President Ross Davies stepping into the position in May.

Ross is the owner of Strafe Creative, a digital design agency focused on conversion led design and author of Paper Plane Plan; a book which delves into growth hacking for the service industry.

His experience has led him to strive to find new and innovative ways to improve processes - whether that’s in the way he runs his business or in the design process with clients. Identifying objections and issues helps to streamline processes and it’s this systematic approach that has led to some fantastic client results. Ross hopes to apply this approach as president of NCBC. 

Speaking about his goals for the next year Ross comments,

“I’m hoping to continue the great work Nigel has done in helping to diversify our membership. NCBC has an exciting opportunity to grow and stay relevant to today’s business and networking needs and wants,”

He adds, “My aim is to maintain the traditions that have made the club the success it is today whilst truly representing Nottingham as the modern, vibrant and exciting city that it is - and that can only start with its people.”

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