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Access Group staff walk 126 miles from London to Loughborough for Mental Health Awareness Week

Access Group staff walk 126 miles from London to Loughborough for Mental Health Awareness Week

Employees from The Access Group are putting their best foot forward to walk 126 miles from the firm’s office in Aldgate, Central London to its flagship office in Loughborough, Leicestershire as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.

The group of 14 staff from across The Access Group’s UK offices will cover the distance in a week and have so far raised £22,000 for the company’s chosen charity for 2022 - Bipolar UK.

Jessica Forbes-Ritte, who works as a team leader at Loughborough’s Centre of Excellence and came up with the idea, said the challenge would be tough but hoped to raise awareness of bipolar and the struggles faced by those who are diagnosed with it.

“Just hearing about what people with bipolar have to go through, waiting 10 years to get a diagnosis, is totally shocking. It’s such a long time and with Mental Health Awareness Week coming up we thought it would be a great time to raise awareness of it.

The whole group have all had their own mental health struggles over the years and the mental side of this challenge is going to be just as tough as the physical side of it, so we just want to get the message out there that mental health is just as important as physical health.”

The team set off on Monday morning (9 May) and will stop only to eat and sleep at hotels along the way.

They are aiming to cross the finish line in Loughborough on Friday afternoon where they will be greeted with a fanfare from colleagues and representatives from Bipolar UK.

Simon Kitchen, CEO at Bipolar UK, said:

"Bipolar UK is delighted to be The Access Group's charity of the year. This five-day walk is going to raise an astonishing amount of money to help us support more people with bipolar. Just as importantly, it will also raise awareness and encourage understanding of this complex condition.

“Everyone at Bipolar UK wishes the walkers lots of luck over the impressive 126 miles."

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