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Aly Dilks has been announced as the only female, Specialist Registered Nurse, to hold accreditation for the British Menopause Society in Leicestershire.

Leicestershire based private medical and wellness clinic, The Health Suite, announces its partnership with British Menopause Society Accredited
Specialist, Aly Dilks.

The Health Suite are pleased to announce that colleague, Aly Dilks has completed The British Menopause Society Advanced Certificate in the Principles and Practice of Menopause Care!

A British Menopause Society Accredited Specialist is a health care professional with a special interest in menopause, who demonstrates expertise in managing more complexcases. Aly is the only female Registered Nurse in the region to have been accredited with this and runs the only clinic specifically for menopause, in Leicestershire! Aly is so passionate about supporting their female clients to understand their menopause and offers advice and treatment to help with their symptoms.

‘I have been a qualified nurse for 37 years, and most of my career has been in women’s health. Once a midwife, I then spent some time working in sexual and reproductive health, before moving to work as an ANP in General Practice 15 years ago.

Working in a GP surgery with 3 male GPs, many of the women attending the surgery booked appointments with myself. I soon began to notice a common theme in symptoms from ‘women of a certain age!’ At the time, I was experiencing my own surgical menopause, but I had never been offered HRT. This prompted me to join the BMS and attend several courses to expand my knowledge about menopause.

Low mood, heightened anxiety, mood swings, tearfulness, crushing fatigue and loss ofconfidence are common symptoms many peri menopausal women report to their GPduring their consultation. However, due to time constraints or a GP’s lack of knowledge around the subject, many menopausal women are incorrectly prescribed anti-depressants rather than HRT.

The average length of a GP appointment is 7-10 minutes, and this isn’t long enough to discuss your own personal menopause journey. I had a dream to open my own, nurse-led menopause clinic to enable me to offer 45-minute consultations to women to enable them to understand their own menopause transition and the options available. This dream became a reality 3 years ago when Simply Menopausal opened at The Health Suite.

I have continued to study and expand my knowledge around the subject of menopause, and this week, I was awarded recognition as a BMS Specialist by the Medical Advisory Committee. This enables me to be part of the BMS register of menopause specialists. This will hopefully give women the confidence to know that, when booking a menopause consultation at The Health Suite, they will receive evidence-based, appropriate care and
advice, following NICE guidelines that are appropriate for their individual needs. At the end of a consultation, I will write to their GP with my recommendations to enable them to receive their ongoing prescriptions on the NHS.

The average age of menopause is 51, but peri menopausal symptoms often begin in the early 40s. Life expectancy is now 83, so women potentially spend 1/3 of their life postmenopausal.
Menopause isn’t optional, it will happen to all women at some point in their life and so it is important for women to understand the menopause transition and the options available. No one should suffer in silence.’ - Aly Dilks

The Health Suite are thrilled to have Aly onboard as their British Menopause Society Accredited Specialist and have had nothing but positive feedback from Aly’s clients!

‘I can strongly recommend going to see Aly if anyone has any menopausal symptoms. She is very knowledgeable about the area and listens in a compassionate and understanding way. She has really good knowledge and understanding of everything related to menopause and I certainly left feeling understood, well-informed and aware of my menopausal symptoms. Within three days of starting HRT, my sleep was massively improved, my brain fog had lifted and I felt back to my old self. I cannot recommend Aly highly enough and have recommended her to several friends, one of whom has already
been to her and had the same very positive experience and benefits of HRT.’

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