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Systematics’ sustainability mission and recognition

Systematics’ sustainability mission and recognition

The work of Lincolnshire family business Systematic has recently seen two milestones, both linked to their focus on sustainability.

Systematic’s print management support, (part of their design and brand marketing services), has been relied on by leading waste management company SUEZ recycling and recovery UK for 23 years. SUEZ have just recognised Systematic as their supplier most focused on ‘Creating Social Value’. The honour was marked with the presentation of an upcycled trophy, made of reclaimed wood from Manchester Velodrome.

Julie Swanepoel presented the award on behalf of SUEZ to Tracey Brown, Account Manager at Systematic. Julie commented,

“We need more suppliers with the same level of commitment to our planet and social value.”

SUEZ acknowledged Systematic’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, from investing in their site, moving to an electric delivery fleet, and proactively sharing information which helps their clients reduce their environmental impact too.

This mission of helping businesses improve the sustainability of their purchasing has led Systematic to deepen its commitment to sustainable corporate gifts, bespoke promotional products that reflect the brand and message of an organisation. Systematic recognise that this market is overwhelming and confusing for marketing professionals, who need a trusted point of reference for quality, practical and sustainable items.

Systematics’ new sustainable corporate gift range launched in March 2022, showcasing 200 handpicked products. It blends Systematics’ knowledge of promotional products that create a return on investment for their clients, with their research into the most sustainable items that the promotional product market has to offer.

Finance Director Sharon Robey commented,

“Our team are working hard to deliver on our commitment to being carbon neutral by 2025, our 50th trading anniversary. Sustainability is core to our values, and we recognise that our expertise and influence helps our clients minimise their environmental impacts too.

Sharon continued, “The recent recognition from SUEZ is a real boost for our team, particularly given that SUEZ are pioneering sustainable solutions and innovative technologies for the UK’s circular economy.”

Picture: Photograph of the Systematic Team who support the work for SUEZ, Joanna Taylor, Client Service Team, Tracey Brown, Account Manager and Sharon Robey, Finance Director

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