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Bloomberg Partners With The Digital Maze for New Green Energy Initiative

Bloomberg Partners With The Digital Maze for New Green Energy Initiative

Newly formed digital agency group, The Digital Maze, announced their latest partnership with Bloomberg & Square Mile Sport to create a web application for a new energy saving scheme -Bloomberg PWR Ride.

Bloomberg PWR Ride is a scheme whereby staff from their office in London create their own energy using cutting edge static bikes. The RE:GEN bike founded by UK-based company Energym, is a first-of-its kind static bike, featuring a generator unit that transfers the energy output from a person’s workout into stored renewable electrical power.

Not only will this project promote a greener, more sustainable environment, cutting down on Bloomberg’s carbon footprint, exercise at work has also shown to stimulate creative thinking and help employees get over the 2pm slump by increasing blood flow to the brain.

Rob Twells, Commercial Director of The Digital Maze said:

“We’re delighted to be working in partnership with Bloomberg on this exciting initiative. As we’ve grown and developed as a brand over the last year, sustainability is something that is high on our agenda, so we’re confident that The Digital Maze and Bloomberg are an excellent fit. We’re proud to be providing the tech behind what is hoped to be a global initiative for Bloomberg and their sustainability journey in partnership with Square Mile Sport.”

For this project, Bloomberg consulted with the Frogspark team at The Digital Maze to create a web application that enables their staff to book a bike, track their performance, see how much energy they’ve created and show a leaderboard per person and per office. The Digital Maze team will be creating a user-friendly application using Laravel to ensure a smooth, modern interface that is both easy to use and powerful.

James Walsh, Head of Web Design at The Digital Maze, said:

"Bloomberg PWR ride is an exciting brand - and not just from a sustainability perspective. Globally, the visual language around climate and green energy is in danger of becoming stale, at a time when it needs to cut through more than ever.

The tone that Bloomberg PWR ride and Energym's branding has brought to the table feels crucial and fresh; there's as much high-powered energy here as there is in the bikes themselves. I'm stoked to be leading the design team that gets to translate this dynamism into a web app, and I'm looking forward to what we can create as a team."


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