Inspiring Business by Sharing Success



Founders of a rapidly expanding engineering firm, based in Nottingham, have spoken of their unique approach to growing a reliable, innovative and client-focused business.   

The combined experience within the team at Hexa Consulting is unrivalled and has led to soaring success over the past two years. Flying fairly below the radar, the civil and structural engineering and transport planning specialist has achieved its results organically, nurtured by reliability and trust from within the industry.  

The business, headquartered in Nottingham, centres on creating smart and innovative engineering while not being afraid to offer alternative approaches to traditional methods. It also focuses on providing green and sustainable schemes for its clients. 

While the groundwork started in 2019, the business really kicked off in spring 2020 during the height of the Covid-19 lockdown. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Hexa’s founding members were able to take the business from humble beginnings to having a prime, city-centre office location with a thriving team of 25. 

James Garment, co-founder and director, said:

“From the outset, the creation of Hexa alone was a really proud moment for the founders, but for it to have grown to where we are now just two years later, we’re thrilled. We’ve not been the loudest, instead concentrating on maintaining an outstanding service for our clients during our rapid growth – but now we’re ready to reveal what we’ve been doing. 

“We want further growth, of course, but we also want it to be sustainable and we don’t want to water down the quality that we have here, but our potential really feels limitless. The next few years is all about driving our ambitions forward while maintaining our core visions, and of course, keeping clients and our team as our key focus.”   

While Hexa offers a multi-disciplinary approach to clients, it recognised the frustrations that can occur internally when one area succeeds over another. For this reason, KPIs are not separated, and all achievements are shared and celebrated as a team effort, further solidifying a positive work environment. Additional benefits to employees include unlimited annual leave, fully flexible working options, and bonuses as well as opportunities to get involved with charity fundraisers. 

David Strong, co-founder and director at Hexa, said:

“We work actively in every sector from education, to health, residential and industrial - and we have been privileged to work on high value projects in each area. We have found that our agility and responsiveness has seen us take on larger corporations despite still being a relatively new business ourselves. Our clients choose to work with us to avoid lengthy processes dealing with multiple departments. We simplify the complicated. 

“In terms of our team, we employ the right people and trust their experience. Everyone so far has been linked to the business through an existing colleague, because it’s about finding the right fit, with people who want to work with us. And we are seeing proof that this method works with people leaving longstanding positions to join Hexa and be part of something new.”  

 For more information, please visit Hexa Consulting Ltd. 

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