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A team of young Derbyshire lads, are on a mission to raise more than £51,000 for chosen charity, me&dee!

A team of young Derbyshire lads, are on a mission to raise more than £51,000 for chosen charity, me&dee!

The Miles for Smiles team, takes on 440 miles over 16 days.

Miles for Smiles (MFS) was founded by Callum Worker, 6 years ago. Callum’s daughter was sadly born with a heart condition, Group B Streptococcus, kidney and liver failure whereby she was treated at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, where the healthcare professionals, went on to save her life. Callum and his family were eternally grateful for the staff who cared for their daughter and wanted to give them something back. Callum went on to organise a walk up Ben Nevis, with his closest friends. They initially set a target of £1,000 but exceeded this, raising just over £3,400!

The MFS team set themselves big goals, every year, to support charities across the midlands. In their fourth year, they asked communities which charities they’d like them to support with their fundraising efforts that year. The chosen charity was Bank House Mental Health raising £24,000! MFS fifth year fast approached. They arranged a meeting with Maria from me&dee charity and knew instantly that they were the charity they wanted to support - going on to raise £51,000 after a gruelling 280 mile hike!

“We weren’t too sure about their organisation and arranged a meeting with Maria (CEO), we quickly realised the work she does was absolutely breath-taking. Unpaid, unsociable hours and helps hundreds of families each year. You only have to read some of their testimonials to realise how truly special they are.” 

Callum Worker (founder of Miles for Smiles)

Me&dee support children and their families who are going through difficult and uncertain times. They are gifted with memories they can treasure, never losing sight of what truly matters. They have a beautiful luxury lodge at Sherwood Forest where the families they support, can spend time together in a quiet and tranquil setting. It’s a place where families can leave the hospital visits behind, a break from the lovely doctors and nurses who look after them, giving them time to be a family again.

Callum and his team, Joe Elkin, Jordan Parker and Nick Sewell, are delighted to announce that their chosen charity again this year is me&dee - taking on their biggest challenge yet…

440 miles over 16 days, stopping at 33 football grounds.

The MFS team, along with their support driver, Paul, will be starting at Liverpool FC on Friday 12th August and finishing at their local ground in Castle Gresley on Saturday 27th August. As they did last year, they will continue to run frequent fundraising events from now, until the end of August, including sponsorships from businesses across the UK, in hope that they achieve their mission of exceeding last year’s £51,000!

”We are delighted to have the support of the MFS team again this year. The MFS team take 2 weeks of their annual leave and time spent away from their families, to make such a difference to our charity and the children and families that we support.

QURE Management on behalf of: me&dee charity
Contact: Chloe Dennis
Tel: 01509 974068

During last year’s 280 mile walk, they experienced injuries, walking in a foot plaster and crutches, horrendous blisters but they carried on, from early morning to tea time every single day. To walk 440 miles over 16 days will be a huge challenge for the MFS team but I know with us and the other thousands of supporters they have, they will do it! We are forever grateful for MFS! ” 

Maria Hanson MBE (founder of me&dee)

To discuss ways in which you can support MFS and me&dee, you can contact:
Maria Hanson MBE
01332 297011

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