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Treat Kitchen joins forces with Base 51 in the face of Nottingham Council £28m funding cuts

Treat Kitchen joins forces with Base 51 in the face of Nottingham Council £28m funding cuts

Nottingham based food gifting retailer Treat Kitchen are collaborating with local charity partner Base 51 to rally support and donations from the general public and other local businesses and universities, following Nottingham City Council’s announcement to reduce youth provisions across the city.

Treat Kitchen have worked closely with Base 51 over the last three years in their plight to provide free counselling, early intervention, and LGBTQ support groups for some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable young people in the East Midlands and feel that such cuts will only hinder the community, rather than help.

 “I have spent time with the staff and service users at Base 51 and have seen first-hand just how much of a profound impact they have had on the lives of young people over the years. The council’s decision to cut funding for such a needed service could be detrimental to the future youth of Nottingham,” explained Martin Barnett Treat Kitchen CEO and Vice Partner of Base 51.

“At Treat Kitchen we want to get as many people as possible on board to help with this campaign. It’s so important to us that the incredible services Base 51 have been providing to young people for almost 30 years now are recognised. Donations are fundamental to ensuring that they can continue to support those in need of it most” he continued.

In a bid to keep Base 51 a float and generate as much support and donations as possible from those who are able to help, Treat Kitchen will be launching their campaign on Friday 4 March, with the main event, Base 51 Week, taking place on March 21-27. Base 51 week will see Treat Kitchen and Base 51 gather the support of the general public, local businesses, universities, and even holds the potential for a few celebrity collaborations. This will all be documented on Treat Kitchen and Base 51’s website and social media platforms where you can find updates and more information about what’s to come over the next few weeks.

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