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MAF finance group bolsters its agricultural and sustainability team in the East Midlands increasing its renewable energy focus

MAF finance group bolsters its agricultural and sustainability team in the East Midlands increasing its renewable energy focus

Derbyshire-based MAF finance group has appointed a new sector specialist director at a time the team is strengthening its strategy on renewable and sustainability investment to the farming industry.

Wreide Poole brings a renewables specialism with him after working for many years with some of the world’s largest players within renewables, power conversion and the construction sectors. In his new role Wreide will work with the farming and associated industries to advise and fund renewable and sustainable projects throughout the UK highlighting how renewable energy can complement farming methods offering both the long-term realisation of sustainability and achieve cost efficiencies across the wider sector.

Wreide will join the wider agricultural and sustainability team based at MAF’s head office in South Normanton. This is led by director and head of agriculture, renewables and sustainability, Rachel Galbraith, alongside relationship director for agricultural Sue Baker who joined the team two years ago. The team supports farmers with renewable energy solutions which comprise the full array of renewable technology including, but not limited to solar, wind power, biomass systems and ground source heat pumps to mention a few notable systems.

Commenting on the expansion of the team, Rachel Galbraith, comments,

“I extend a huge welcome to Wreide as he joins us at an exciting stage. With the NFU’s target of achieving net zero status by 2040, we are seeing a huge uplift in demand from farmers looking to finance renewable energy projects. Farmers need to think about other income streams to support their activities, and renewable energy is a great example of this.

“With Wreide on board, we can continue to have those conversations on a larger scale to look at ways farmers can drive their renewable energy plans forward as investment in machinery and storage of crops paves the way for long-term savings. We recognise this requires significant investment, but thankfully incentives such as tax savings and government grants are helping drive farmers towards more sustainable farming as cashflow projections show that renewable energy is very profitable.

“Now the agricultural team has grown, we are at an exciting stage to help farmers throughout the UK to play their part in the climate challenge ahead.”

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