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Leading housebuilder Barratt and David Wilson Homes Northampton, based in Northampton, has built 718 homes in the region during the past year and contributed over £98.3m to the UK’s economic output.

BN - SGB-300 - Managing Director Amer Alkhalil

BN - SGB-300 - Managing Director Amer Alkhalil

The achievements are highlighted in a new report which measures the housebuilder’s social and economic contribution to the Northampton region over the past financial year (30th June 2020 – 30^th June 2021).

The developer covers Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.

Included within then company’s socio-economic footprint are key figures relating to the company’s support for the housebuilding supply chain, local communities, environment, public services and employment. The figures show that the housebuilder:

·Supported over 1,487 jobs directly and through its contractors and suppliers.

·Directly employed 18 new graduates, trainees and apprentices.

·Supported 250 subcontractor companies and 268 supplier companies.

·Created 10.2 hectares of green space in the area for residents and the public to use.

·Contributed £8.5 million locally including its Community Infrastructure Levy and S106 contributions.

·Spent £25.5 million on physical works benefitting local communities including highway and environmental improvements and community facilities

Amer Alkhalil, Managing Director at Barratt and David Wilson Homes Northampton, said: “As a five star housebuilder, we are very aware of the pivotal role we play in helping to boost the local economy.

“We are committed to a strategy that includes leaving a positive and lasting legacy in the communities in which we build homes, be that through job creation, bolstering surrounding businesses or enhancing and protecting the local environment.

“We are proud to be a major force in the growth and prosperity of our region, and look forward to continuing our work in 2022.”

The report on Barratt and David Wilson Homes’ Socio-Economic Footprint in 2021 was carried out by Lichfields planning and development consultancy.

To find out more information, please call the Barratt Homes sales team on 033 3355 8481 or the David Wilson Homes sales team on 033 3355 8482.

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