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East Mids wireless solutions firm appoint seasoned fire safety expert

East Mids wireless solutions firm appoint seasoned fire safety expert

Global wireless solutions firm Ramtech has appointed a new solutions marketing manager to coordinate its worldwide efforts in raising awareness of fire safety and security solutions.

James Pecz, who brings 20-years of construction and fire safety technology industry experience, previously fulfilled the role of business development manager for North America at Ramtech. In this new appointment, James will now lead the global marketing division – creating strategic campaigns across Ramtech’s key market sectors of construction, industrial and leisure parks.

Before joining Ramtech in 2017, James worked as a site services manager in construction, which has been instrumental to building relationships within the building sector and bringing first-hand experience of on-site safety and project risk management. Moving onto a fire safety supervisor role, James developed a working knowledge of Ramtech fire safety systems.

James said:

“I have been a part of major developments for countless blue-chip companies over the years and they have all played a role in helping me reach the position I am in at Ramtech today. What’s been integral to me ever since I began working on construction projects is making sure new technologies are adopted to create safer environments.

“My remit at Ramtech begun in the UK before expanding to the East Coast US and Canada, which has importantly helped me understand the challenges and opportunities within the fire safety industry. I have taken great pride in building strong relationships with major general and electrical contractors while taking the time to understand the intricacies of each community we serve with our tailored packages."

Ramtech Electronics, which was founded in 1990, has been specialising in wireless and IOT safety and security solutions for 32 years. In 2021, Ramtech was purchased by the Halma group of companies in an exciting move that sees it join an innovative group of life saving technology providers.

James continued:

“Ramtech is leading the way in enabling access to end-to-end IoT (Internet of Things) solutions that save lives, protect assets and gain vital insight for site managers across multiple sectors – proven by our technology being used in almost 30 countries around the world now.

“In my new role I want us to take a boundary pushing approach to what we do, to ensure we stand out from the crowd. I am managing a hugely talented team and can’t wait to see what we can make possible with collaboration across land and sea.”

John Harrison, sales and marketing director, at Ramtech, said:

“It’s really exciting to see James step into a new role as global solutions marketing manager and deservedly gaining recognition for his four years of dedication in enhancing the Ramtech reputation across North America and Canadian territories.

“For over 30 years now Ramtech has delivered on its commitment to moving technology forwards and helping fire safety level up. We’re constantly exploring new ways of working and with our global partners, this has changed throughout the course of the pandemic. However, with passionate people such as James, in the right positions, we’re confident that our global identity and impact on fire safety and security will continue to evolve."

Formed in 1990, the business has enhanced fire safety on a number of high-profile projects, including Thames Tideway in London and a Naval Academy in Maryland USA, where its innovative WES3 wireless temporary fire, evacuation and medical alert system has been vital in protecting lives and site assets.

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