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National vitamin brand gives helpful boost to Nottingham charities

National vitamin brand gives helpful boost to Nottingham charities

Nottingham-based charities Switch Up CIC and Tracy’s Kitchen, have partnered with national vitamin brand, Nutrigums, to provide more than 800 packs of its Vitamin C gummy supplement and offer a boost to families in need.

Switch Up - which is part of the Marcellus Baz Group - provides mental health and employment support to help young people get into work. Boxing activity classes are provided through Nottingham School of Boxing (NSOB) and aim to build personal skills including discipline and determination. Tracy’s Kitchen focuses on delivering food and care packages to families in Nottingham who are facing financial difficulties.

Tracy Dickinson, who founded Tracy’s Kitchen in 2016, said:

“After almost five years of providing food for Nottingham’s homeless, we changed our direction in 2021 to supporting local families. Many people in our city are struggling more than ever after the prolonged effects of Covid-19, which is why it’s so important to support them in any way we possibly can.

“Donations such as these from Nutrigums are sent out in packages across Nottingham to allow them to live more comfortably. I’m sure that these vitamins will be well utilised by families to gain those valuable nutrients they may be missing at the moment.”

Nutrigums produces gummy vitamins as a palatable alternative to taking chunky, tablet-form vitamins that are hard to swallow, challenging the notion that vitamins are a ‘chore’ to take. This provides an easy and delicious supplement to better our everyday health and can be consumed on the go.

The plant-base ingredients mean they are suitable for vegans and vegetarians alike, while also conforming to eco-conscious consumer standards.

"Marcellus Baz BEM, founder and chief executive of Switch Up and NSOB, said: “Boxing is an incredibly challenging sport that requires athletes to be at the top of their game and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We’re excited to see the benefits that Nutrigums can bring to the performance of the kids and young people in the gym and we’re thankful for the generous donation."

Fabian Whittingham, co-founder of Nutrigums, said:

“Organisations such as Tracy’s Kitchen and Switch Up are doing great work in their local community to improve the way the people around them are living and feeling, which we think is great.

“At Nutrigums, we’re always looking for ways that we can support the nation’s health and being able to support charities such as these is a great privilege for us.”

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