Inspiring Business by Sharing Success

Helping charities connect  with businesses £109,500 give-away!

Helping charities connect with businesses £109,500 give-away!

Why working with a charity can help your business in more ways then you may think

It’s not about donating money, but doing something which is relatively low value to you but highly valued by the charity you choose. That’s why we’ve put together a CSR section within the Love Business Directory. Think of it as a dating site where charities and businesses can find their perfect match – and start a beautiful relationship!

Key benefits of an authentic CSR initiative

  1. Increases employee engagement – engaged employees are enriched by volunteering opportunities
  2. Improves bottom-line financials – engaged employees have lower absenteeism and are more productive
  3. Presents press opportunities – impactful CSR can gain you excellent coverage
  4. Better brand recognition – coverage gets you noticed and boosts brand awareness
  5. Increases customer retention and loyalty – it’s a fantastic way to showcase you’re trustworthy
  6. Improves employer branding – helping to attract and retain talent who share your values
  7. Increases innovation – encourage your employees to try new things and get re-energised


100 Profile ‘Anchor’ Pages free to charities for 3 years

The only condition is you must operate in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire or Leicestershire. To apply register your interest here.

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