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IvyJack Launches New Partnership To Provide Unique Service For Clients

IvyJack Launches New Partnership To Provide Unique Service For Clients

Covid-19 may have presented challenges for businesses around the world, but for local creative agency, IvyJack, it was a catalyst for innovation, agile thinking, and a new strategic partnership that led to 60% growth (YoY), 14 new account wins and multiple new senior hires.

After quickly identifying key challenges faced by businesses during these unprecedented times, IvyJack launched a new strategic partnership with Spence Training & Consulting. This collaboration introduced a unique range of services designed to better serve IvyJack’s clients by helping them to retain their customers during a time when consumer spending was rapidly decreasing.

Co-founder of IvyJack, David Formby comments:

“The MarComms sector was hit hard during the pandemic as marketing budgets were one of the first to go. But given the shifting relationship of brands and consumers this seemed like a backwards move. With people unable to go to shops and changing spending habits, it was more important than ever for brands to stay connected with their audiences. This needed a change of mindset - it was no longer about marketing to sell, but marketing to build authentic connections, and for us this all comes down to service and customer experience.”

David’s Co-founder, Elaine Formby adds:

“When speaking to brand owners, what became apparent was the fact that many of these brands implement communications and marketing strategies that exist in isolation. For example, a company goes through a hefty and expensive rebranding process yet doesn’t train its sales team on the new positioning, meaning that the benefit doesn’t actually impact customers in a tangible way. A brand can have the most creative marketing in the world, but if the customer experience is poor, that is the message that’s carried forward. This poses an issue when assessing the commercial impact of marketing.”

Identifying this disconnect opened up a world of opportunity for IvyJack and enabled them to achieve significant commercial impact for clients. An example of success is the key role that IvyJack played in the transformation of Food and Beverage startup, SodaFolk, into a multi-million pound business - all during the height of the pandemic.

David Spence, founder of Spence Training and Consulting and new addition to the IvyJack leadership team, comments:

“All too often brands will invest in advertising and promotion without the skills necessary to actually deliver what they are promising to customers which at best results in a missed opportunity and at worst dissatisfaction and negative word of mouth. By using well-proven management principles and behavioural psychology, we help turn brand values into brand behaviours that align perfectly with external marketing. This creates a unique experience and game-changing competitive advantage for our clients - irrespective of sector, business size or marketing budget.”

On the partnership with Spence, David Formby concludes:

“David’s reputation as a proven brand-builder is beyond doubt, but the extra dimension he brings to the agency and to our clients with regard to people and team development is a huge step forward, and it complements what we do perfectly. I’m delighted that we will be working together once again and looking forward to achieving even more for our clients.”

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