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Derby company helps customers through pandemic

Derby company helps customers through pandemic

Derby IT specialists Neuways have helped a range of customers throughout the pandemic with digital transformations.

These have helped businesses of different sizes across a range of industries continue working with ease, despite the ongoing working difficulties, brought about by the pandemic.

One such customer is Abacus Creative Resources.

With an extensive online store and reputation as one of the largest creative materials specialists in the country, Abacus had a need to remain online and operational 24/7. To ensure the safety, security and agility of their IT systems, they opted for a migration to Microsoft Office 365 in September 2021.

Following recommendations, Abacus chose to work with the experienced and reliable IT experts at Neuways. Neuways not only signed on to manage the transition period to Microsoft Office 365, but also the ongoing IT support and security needs.

Martin Roberts, Managing Director at Neuways, said:

“We are delighted to have carried out this latest migration to a more flexible IT system, for our customer Abacus Creative Resources.

“Businesses need to consider how agile their current setup is. The future is uncertain and might contain various restrictions and changes to how we work.

“The power of IT can help reduce levels of uncertainty significantly for businesses and we look forward to helping more organisations solidify their future.”

This migration to Microsoft’s ecosystem was the latest in a long line of similarly managed projects Neuways has carried out, especially over the last two years. Flexible and agile IT systems are the way forward in the wake of the pandemic. They provide businesses with the chance to work easily from any location, with the ability to communicate and collaborate on projects made simple.

Hannah Butler, Office Manager at Abacus Creative Resources, said:

“It has been excellent working with Neuways. We have had a fast and efficient service from the whole team on many issues and with the 365 migration. The Support Team ensures everything runs smoothly and with any issues resolved quickly.”

The migration was also marked by the addition of several new devices within the business for new users. Neuways helped install and set up this technology which helped ease the burden on Abacus.

Hannah added:

“We now don’t waste time on IT issues and have a much better understanding of our equipment and how to resolve issues.”

Neuways’ Support Team is award-winning over the last 12 months. In late 2021, Neuways was placed within Britain’s Best Managed IT Companies for a third successive year. This followed up the earlier success of winning “Innovative MSP of the Year” at the UK Managed Services Awards – both accolades highlighted the success of the MSP at helping companies resolve IT issues and improve customers’ productivity.

This is underpinned by the Support Team’s record of hitting 100% of agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with customers. By also managing a staggering 98% Customer Satisfaction Rating throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear to say that Abacus Creative Resources is in safe hands with Neuways as its IT partner.

For more information on Neuways, contact us at or call on 01283 753333.

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