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Delta Global: A Year of Success for Leicester-based Firm

Delta Global: A Year of Success for Leicester-based Firm

Leicester-based luxury packaging firm Delta Global has flourished in the face of unprecedented challenge, defying industry forecasts to continue its impressive growth.

The sustainable packaging provider has disrupted and innovated the luxury retail market, winning a host of new internationally renowned clients, such as Tom Ford and Heat.

Though 2021 saw challenge, it also saw great success – for Delta Global, this took shape in the form of their future-proof, innovative packaging solution: the FutureBox. The FutureBox was designed with the highest of sustainability standards in mind, using no plastic adhesives or tape, all the while being easy to assemble and having flatpack functionality.

The streamlined, sustainable design of the box makes it both cost-efficient from a production standpoint, and fully recyclable at consumer level. The materials used in the box’s creation are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved, meaning that Delta Global has ensured that the highest sustainability standards are maintained throughout the entirety of the product's design.

Crucially, the box requires no magnets for secure closure, a thoughtful addition that too often prevents otherwise sustainable packaging from being fully recyclable.

Covid restrictions have forced the exponential growth of the ecommerce industry, and traditional retail has suffered from reduced footfall as a result. Delivering a branded experience in a sustainable way, therefore, has become increasingly difficult.

The FutureBox offers the ideal solution to this problem: each box can be tailored to both brand a brand’s aesthetic and its sustainability goals. Robert Lockyer, Chief Client Officer and founder of Delta Global, says that,

“World leaders will try to leverage the post-pandemic rebuild as a way to accelerate eco-friendly policy making”.

“It is less likely that sustainability efforts will rely on good will, but will rather be led by laws and policies. The FutureBox makes it easy for brands to meet these standards and flourish in this new economy”.

In 2021, Delta Global secured a host of new high-end clients around the globe. Zimmermann, for example, are a new client of the Leicester packaging provider. The female-founded, high-end Australian fashion label have sought out Delta Global to create sustainable packaging that communicates their core values and central style.

Delta Global have also formed partnerships with a host of brands, from the likes of beauty companies, such as Origins and Bobbi Brown, to household fashion names like Reiss, Sweaty Betty and Tom Ford.

The company also achieved huge successes for some of their longer-term clients. Delta Global worked with luxury retail giant and long-term partner Net-A-Porter in the creation of their advent calendar. The Leicester-based supplier provided sustainable packaging to the retail juggernaut without compromising on the luxury feel that Net-A-Porter has become so renowned for.

The calendar featured 25 beautifully fitted drawers, in a variety of sizes to deliver aesthetic interest and multiplicity. The calendar was manufactured to the same sustainable standards as the FutureBox, and the quality materials used means the packaging can be endlessly repurposed and reused, doubling down on its eco-friendly status.

The company adhered to covid safety regulations and were successful in keeping their staff healthy and safe. The physical wellbeing of their staff was not the sole focus, though – the company has also launched their very own EAP (employee assistance programme) called ‘Our Place’.

To improve workplace wellbeing by allowing staff a safe space/forum to communicate their feelings on any topic. Delta Global has ensured the wellbeing of their team, mentally as well as physically, overcoming one of the biggest challenges of the year to become an industry-leading employer.

Sustainability is one of the core pillars of Delta Global’s work, and the company were rewarded for their eco efforts this year by EcoVadis. EcoVadis provide ratings to companies based on their attainment regarding various social responsibilities, including labour and human rights, environmental work, and morals and ethics.

The team at Delta Global were over the moon to be given a silver rating by EcoVadis on account of their sustainability efforts, and will continue striving to impact the environment positively in the future.

Delta Global are at the forefront of packaging innovation, and offer the benchmark standard when it comes to sustainable practices. The firm have created huge success for brands hoping to address the challenges of the post-pandemic retail landscape, offering entirely bespoke change management solutions. Robert Lockyer looks forward to 2022 with excitement:

“We continue striving to be the go-to business for luxury brands seeking innovating sustainability solutions”.

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