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Showing support to East Midlands SMEs this Small Business Saturday

Showing support to East Midlands SMEs this Small Business Saturday

This Saturday, December 4, is Small Business Saturday 2021. It sets out to highlight small business success and encourages us to 'shop local' and support small businesses in our communities. But it could also be an opportunity for SMEs and microbusinesses to reflect on what priorities they - and we - need to focus on.

The Cyber Resilience Centre for the East Midlands (EMCRC) itself is a small business, set up as a police-private sector-academia partnership, with the simple aim of raising cyber resilience across the region. That means the centre offers free core membership, helping businesses understand some of the risks from cybercrime, and offering support and guidance to those local businesses, too.


The EMCRC understands the pressures of running a small business and the differing parts that all need to be serviced. And sometimes it can be easy to put things off in favour of delivering those that have a deadline.


But putting off implementing simple measures to protect your business from an online attack could be a costly decision. It doesn’t matter whether you operate from home or the high street, whether your sector is retail or real estate, or even whether you are in Derby or Saxilby, this really matters.


The Cyber Security Breaches Survey is used to measure how UK organisations approach cyber security and the impact of breaches and attacks. They are official UK statistics and for 2021 there are some surprising headlines:


The survey states that only 18% of small businesses have heard of the ‘Small Business Guide’ and only 13% have heard of Cyber Essentials which is a cyber security standard.

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