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23 year old becomes youngest Senior Recruitment Consultant at leading IT recruitment firm

23 year old becomes youngest Senior Recruitment Consultant at leading IT recruitment firm

Josh Winfield joined Derby-based independent IT and Digital recruitment specialist, Syntax Consultancy LTD, as a recruitment consultant in 2017, after graduating from Derby college with a Business diploma.

Josh believes his success is hugely down to being the bi-product of fantastic parenting, and from the support of the team at Syntax. From a young age Josh saw potential in a sales based future career when he was buying sweets, crisps and chocolate. selling them in the school playground for a profit.

At just 23, Josh is the youngest employee of Syntax to be promoted to Senior Recruitment Consultant, in their 33 years of operation. Josh suffers from severe dyslexia which has meant having to work even harder to overcome daily challenges.

Josh knew the benchmark for the senior role and had this in mind whilst aiming towards his targets, using creativity in his sales approach, however he was still massively pleased and proud of this achievement when the opportunity was presented to him.

When asked what was required of him, from his new role as a Senior Recruitment Consultant, and what he was most looking forward to, Josh replied,

“The targets will be higher, however, I intend to put my all into achieving them. My new role will require looking at more business strategies, new customers and seeing how we can maximise the current business model, whilst also being a support system, and mentor, for other colleagues. I am most excited by the fact I am the youngest senior consultant at Syntax, which gives me a chance to do something different, own the role and prove that you don’t have to be of a certain age to be in a senior position and remove that stigma."

Roger Frost, Managing Director at Syntax Consultancy, added, 

“Josh is an extremely driven employee, who has shown incredible ability when it comes to connecting with candidates and clients. Josh has always been very open about his dyslexia and has used it as more of a challenge, as opposed to something negative, which enables him to be the best version of himself; bringing a positive atmosphere to the whole of Syntax. Josh has a measure of professionalism that I have never seen from someone who has been with us for this amount of time. His reliable reputation with getting the job done has been recognised by candidates and other colleagues, making him their go to. His promotion was a no-brainer and we are excited to see him putting his own creative spin on the role.”

When Josh was asked what advice he wished someone had given him when he first started at Syntax, he replied,

“This was my first job straight out of college, which was massively daunting, and caused slight imposter syndrome. However, if I was to tell myself back then what to do, I would say stick with it, you may have doubts but it takes time to settle and I’m also a huge believer in the statement “Karma is Practical”, and if you put what you can into your role, good things will come from it.”

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