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Local Independent Audiologists Hear4U Switch to Revolutionary New Patient-Focused System

Local Independent Audiologists Hear4U Switch to Revolutionary New Patient-Focused System

Hear4U – based in Leicester, Hinckley and Rothwell – are revolutionizing the way they do business. In the world of finance, long gone are the days when everything was written on sheets of paper, so why should the world of medicine be any different?


For hundreds of audiologists up and down the country, the technology may have changed but the way they do business has remained the same for many years. In the pursuit of stability and reliability, audiology has tended to lag behind when it comes to the way they operate, relying on paper notes and outdated systems.

A Paperless Future

For Hear4U, that is all about to change with the addition of Blueprint Solutions’ celebrated, cutting-edge system. Boasting an entirely paperless format, this pure-digital method features a far more detailed interface which can track entire patient histories as well as their choice of medical solutions across time.

Put simply, this means a far more patient-focused approach that perfectly reflects Hear4U’s own ethos. If patients want to receive a new pair of those same hearing aids they had a few years ago; if they need to access medical history for a home visit at the touch of a button and if they want a secure system with an intuitive client interface, this innovative new system has them covered.

Indeed, Blueprint Solutions’ remarkable method is truly the next generation of patient/clinic interface. Not only is its extensive database available anywhere, but Hear4U will be implementing an online booking form, an automatic appointment reminder system and full cashless credit card processing so that you need never miss your timeslot again.

Patient-Focused Approach

In keeping up with Hear4U’s commitment to the very best in aftercare, they have opted to include three additional procedures in making sure that patients always feel that they have the support they need: Automatic reminders for arranged follow-up meetings, a full timeline for your hearing aids so that you know exactly how old they are and even a warrantee reminder for when your coverage is about to expire.

On top of all this fantastic functionality, patients can look forward to a fully integrated experience with Noah software, the gold standard for audiometry. This means that you can have a full printout of your latest audiogram whenever you like for maximum peace of mind.

Director Tyler Bennett had this to say:

“I’m absolutely thrilled about the new system – it’s set to be a real boon, not only for our staff (but) our patients and clients as well. With this addition, we can solidify our position as one of the leading audiologists in Leicestershire”.

Local Solutions for Universal Problems

To find out more about how Hear4U are changing the way that audiologists do business, call in at Hear4U Leicester at 227 Hinckley Road, Leicester, LE3 0TG (Tel: 0116 2623279), Hear4U Hinckley at 13 King Street, Hinckley, LE10 1QT (01455 234600) or Hear4U Rothwell at 28 Bridge St Rothwell, Kettering, Northamptonshire NN14 6JW (Tel: 01536 713775).

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