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Graphic materials business saw product sales surge by 500% during the pandemic

Graphic materials business saw product sales surge by 500% during the pandemic

Dorotape, a graphic materials supplier based in Market Harborough, experienced a 500% increase in sales on floor graphic materials used to help the Coronavirus cause in 2020.

The business specialises in supplying graphic materials to sign-makers, large format digital printers and garment printers across the UK. Dorotape also works closely with the retail sector, supplying various graphic material products such as sign-making vinyl, large format print materials and adhesive floor sticker vinyl to major retail brands across the country.

When the lockdown began, Dorotape was hit by the huge changes to the retail sector, with most retailers closing their doors and people taking their shopping online. The business experienced major changes in demand throughout the pandemic, particularly an increase in demand for adhesive floor stickers used in retail for social distancing measures. This area of Dorotape’s product line soon made up the largest proportion of sales during the pandemic with a huge surge in floor graphics in Q2, presenting a 500% increase on the same period of 2019.

As businesses prepared to reopen, the use of social distancing measures such as floor signs and graphics became essential for businesses, particularly within the retail sector.

Michael Ingram, Sales Director at Dorotape, said:

“The demand for floor graphics during the pandemic went through the roof and we were getting orders in faster than we could get the materials.”

Dorotape have an Invoice Factoring facility with Skipton Business Finance in place to help with their cashflow and have benefited from this during the pandemic.

“Having an Invoice Finance facility gave us confidence during the pandemic and gave us that security of knowing that we were getting the money from the invoices straight away and had that to fall back on,”

“I’m very glad we had put those measures in place to ensure that we have that security when challenges arise such as they did during the pandemic.”

More information can be found about Dorotape’s products on their website.

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