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Growing your business globally

Growing your business globally

Doing business internationally can be complex. However it brings with it a wealth of opportunities, and thanks to advances in technology, trade agreements, and globalisation, with the right know-how it’s easier than ever to expand your business operations into overseas markets.

The pandemic and the UK’s departure from the European Union have presented challenges for domestic firms engaged in exporting and importing, with supply chains being hit hard. Yet with every difficulty comes opportunity for those open to diversifying their strategy and looking outside of the box.

There is plenty to look forward to and many UK businesses have taken advantage of the positive opportunities that have emerged, allowing them to negotiate trade deals, to take advantage of a weaker pound when exporting goods overseas, to explore new markets and broaden their reach through online channels, and to focus on bringing the supply line back to the UK and to maximise the UK customer market.

At this conference we will hear from Ian Harrison, Head of Exports for the Department for International Trade in the Midlands who will give an overview of the DIT trade support to businesses.

Mike Wallis of Keswick Enterprises Group will then go on to look at the commercial realities and the opportunities available to businesses today focusing on exporting, and outlining the logistic specifics that companies need to know when trading with both the EU and globally. Nicola Winters of Search Laboratory and John Robinson of the Institute of Export and International Trade will then look at the international digital landscape and how it is changing, and share insights into best practice for digital marketing.

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