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RDS Circulayo announces the elimination of 152kg of Single-Use Plastic from the Derby LIVE Beer Festival 2021.

RDS Circulayo announces the elimination of 152kg of Single-Use Plastic from the Derby LIVE Beer Festival 2021.

RDS Circulayo, a new sustainable technology venture launched by Derby-based RDS Global, piloted its new reusable packaging system, Flow, at the recent Derby LIVE Marketplace Beer Festival.

In what was a city-first, beer festival guests enjoyed the various wonderful beers on offer in a reusable cup. Each cup was then collected, washed, and made ready to reuse hundreds of times more.

The pilot was a phenomenal success resulting in a return rate of 99%, a refill rate of 48%, and 152kg of single-use plastic being saved from landfill; as well as earning the praise of Derby Mayor, Robin Wood,

“…we are drinking out of a glass that is not single-use plastic… This is something really good for Derby.”

The success of this pilot comes at a crucial stage in the global war on climate change. RDS Circulayo has the bold mission to defeat waste, and the urgency of that mission is made clear by Chief Product Officer, Kevin Hudson, who says that

“We are in the critical decade, wherein the survival of human life as we know (and love) it requires dramatic change. But, contrary to popular belief, the change required is not behavioural change on the part of the consumer, but instead radical system design change. The habit of disposal is, within a better designed system, the most scalable route to sustainable consumption.”

Circulayo Flow is designed to facilitate this dramatic change by using technology to power a system where reusable packaging is just as easy and cheap to use as single-use disposables. With Flow, you simply use the item and dispose of it without worrying about selecting the correct bin.

This is made possible by connecting companies and events that want to use reusable packaging and deploying Circulayo Flow.

Flow has been designed in collaboration with three organisations: Glasdon, the UK’s leading supplier of waste and recycling bins; Event Cup Solutions, the UK’s leading supplier of reusable food and beverage packaging to the events industry; and a long-term partnership with the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme via The University of Derby.

Andy Flinn, RDS Global CEO, states

“Our Circulayo Flow brand, and the impact that it will have on society, is a perfect example of why the KTP scheme from the University of Derby is such a vital component of innovation within the city. It has been a pleasure to work so closely with Dr Vishnu Paranthaman and Dr Shahid Awan on developing this product and I’m very excited about what we will do next.”

The Derby LIVE Beer Festival pilot has proven that a zero-waste future for Derby is possible. RDS Circulayo will continue to develop its offering to ensure that future becomes a reality.


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