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Nottingham Family-Run Firm Wins Paper Recycling Business Of The Year Award

Nottingham Family-Run Firm Wins Paper Recycling Business Of The Year Award

A Nottingham family-run firm, Shredall SDS Group, has won the award for Paper Recycling Business of the Year 2021 at the Awards for Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management.

This award recognises the local company’s outstanding commitment to sustainability and its achievements in the paper recycling industry, celebrating its success in shredding and recycling 5,992,416kgs of paper over the last year.

Putting this into context, all of this recycling helped to produce 1,185,999 toilet rolls and saved:

  • 113,856 trees
  • 46,237,482 litres of water
  • 27,079,728 KWh of electricity
  • 19,775m³ of landfill space
  • 13,183 litres of oil

The business stands out for its environmental work, recycling 100% of the paper and cardboard waste that it processes for customers and ensuring that nothing goes to landfill – this is particularly important at a time when paper and card account for ⅕ of all UK waste.

As well as the quantity and quality of Shredall SDS Group’s recycling, the judging panel was impressed by the firm’s dedication to providing consistently excellent levels of service and the way it looks after its customers. Please go to to read the full announcement.

A brilliant local success story, the information management business started out at its main headquarters here in Bestwood Village, Nottingham, and has since branched out to service the whole of the UK with facilities across England and Scotland.

The Nottingham facility is currently undergoing extensive re-racking at its document storage depot to make space for thousands more archive boxes as the business continues to grow.

Nik Williams, group managing director at Shredall SDS Group, had this to say about the award:

“We are delighted to have won such a prestigious award and to be recognised as the UK’s Paper Recycling Business of the Year 2021 is fantastic. There are some big players out there, but our tonnage is growing fast. All of this along with our 100% recycling record makes it all the better for the environment. We continue to work hard so we are thrilled for our team. Thank you also to our suppliers and buyers.”

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