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Electric home heating firm rides customer approval wave

Electric home heating firm rides customer approval wave

A leading electric home heating solutions provider has received industry recognition for its commitment to customer service.

And the award follows a month in which the business launched a new electric vehicle charger for homeowners, extending its promise to provide a complete clean energy efficient package to the consumer market.

Leicestershire’s Fischer Future Heat, situated near Frog Island, has been awarded a Feefo Platinum Award, following three years of consistent, positive customer feedback through the Feefo service rating board.

Coming at a time when the business has evolved its electric home solutions repertoire to electric vehicles, launching the Fischer EV last month, the accreditation serves to reiterate the businesses’ all electric customer commitment:

“We’re delighted to receive this Feefo customer service award,” said Keith Bastian, CEO of Fischer Future Heat.

“Our business firmly believes that the ‘future is electric’ – it is why we continue to evolve and adapt our service offering in line with changes in the marketplace.

“Here at Fischer Future Heat, we understand that we would be nothing without our valued customers. That is why it has always remained central to our company philosophy to provide our customers with a lifetime of unparalleled customer service.”

The Platinum accreditation from Feefo follows Fischer’s previous Gold rating from the company, and is awarded following three years of consecutive positive feedback.

Businesses must have achieved a service rating of at least 4.5 out of 5, with Fischer’s current approval standing at an impressive 4.7.

Specialists in German clay core heating, husband and wife duo Keith and Maria Bastian first introduced their electric solutions to the British market in 2009.

Passionate about an all-electric future, their entire product range is comprised of green energy solutions, with sister energy company Outfox the Market having received top spot in the annual Which? Customer Satisfaction survey at the beginning of the year.

And now, with the UK Government encouraging homeowners to adopt green heating solutions, Keith believes the business has never been better positioned to serve both consumer and industry needs:

“People criticised me for advocating electric heating solutions as early as I did, but as a business, we’re now coming full circle,” he added.

“The proposed solutions on the table from the government, such as heat pumps, are already spiralling in terms of costs. It is proving to me that they are the wrong solution for most UK homes.

“There are increasing worries about who will foot the bill, and whether its customers or the government, will they even keep your home warm?

“I would like to see the UK Government decrease the levies on electricity, and increase gas levies.

“This will inevitably increase the switch to cleaner fuels, such as renewable electricity. Consumer behaviour is always subject to change, but the government needs to more to incentivise these changes. The government are the only people who can do that.”

More information on Fischer Future Heat’s home heating range, as well as the EV solution, is available at

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