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Derbyshire Cricket Foundation supports 400 children over summer; RDS provides sponsorship

Derbyshire Cricket Foundation supports 400 children over summer; RDS provides sponsorship

400 children access Derbyshire Cricket Foundation’s Falcon Summer Camp with support from RDS

RDS has sponsored the 2021 Derbyshire Cricket Foundation’s summer holiday Falcons Camp for children across the county to get an opportunity to participate in the sport.

Rachel Flinn, who has been a trustee of the foundation for the past 6 years said:

“It’s really important to both me and the RDS team that anyone can get the best chances possible which is especially true for children. By providing sponsorship from RDS it has enabled the foundation to deliver the best holiday club possible to many children. That’s a very satisfying feeling.”

By providing the shirt sponsorship it meant the Foundation was able to provide cricket t-shirts to every child who came along to the summer camp which they got to keep.

The summer camp was devised by Derbyshire Cricket Foundation to help children from a range of backgrounds who are all interested in sporting activities experience cricket in a brilliant clubs across the county.

Richard Wood, Head of Derbyshire Cricket Foundation says:

“The support we have received from RDS this summer has been fantastic. In really challenging times we have been able to deliver a full programme of summer camps across the county, providing opportunities for children from the age of 5-13 to access high quality cricket coaching. The sponsorship and support from RDS have enabled us to provide goody bags and t-shirts to over 400 children this summer. We are extremely grateful of the support we have received, and we hope to continue our partnership with RDS over the coming months.”

It’s brilliant to see children with smiling faces having experienced something new or been able to do something they are passionate about over their school holidays in a way that has not cost parents vast sums of money and in some instances children have been awarded free spaces based on need.

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