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Women Rule The Roost in Home Buying Decisions As Pandemic Eases

Women Rule The Roost in Home Buying Decisions As Pandemic Eases

An East Midlands estate agency has revealed that girl power is driving around 80 per cent of house purchases as the pandemic eases. 


Marble Property Services, based in Castle Donington, says that the growing trend of women taking the lead in pushing house sales and purchase decisions has seen a significant jump in 2021.


In a discussion with East Midlands Agent, Marble Property Services, it would appear that Women are either the sole buyer, or are generally the main point of contact for eight out of 10 of the clients that they have dealt with this year, turning on its head the outdated notion that men handle most property affairs.  


The trend is even more marked in the case of Marble Property’s newest development, Spittal Heights, in Castle Donington, a 13-home luxury housing scheme that the company is marketing on behalf of Ikon Residence.  In the case of all the recent reservations, all of the deals were led by women.


Steve Thrower, managing director of Marble Property Services, said: “The days when men were in charge of big financial decisions, particularly in the housing sector, are long gone.


“Most of our clients this year have been women. Where they have male partners, they clearly have an input, but it is not unusual for them to just turn up for a 2nd confirmatory house viewing – but it’s the women that are making the decisions and pushing the sales through.


And it isn’t just women making the big decisions. Many senior positions in property companies are now held by women, and that only helps improve the buyers confidence in the process.


Kirsty Samson. Land and development director at Marble Property Services (pictured) added. “Many of our Land and New Homes purchasers have been relieved to find a woman in a senior position who they feel comfortable liaising with, through one of the most potentially stressful purchases they may ever make. They tell me they feel less intimidated, I take a more ‘softly-softly’ approach, definitely more than what was demonstrated to me when, for example, I bought my own first house.”


Steve said that he had seen a similar trend in the rental market, echoing many global studies that place women firmly in front of men when it comes to influencing consumer spending decisions.


“While most couples clearly discuss major purchases such as houses, my experience certainly indicates that men are generally happy to allow their wife or partner to take charge of house searching,” said Steve. 


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