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Derby pupils sing and sign their thanks as part of their work to help save the planet

Derby pupils sing and sign their thanks as part of their work to help save the planet

SCHOOL children used their singing and sign language skills to say a big thank you to a Derbyshire firm for helping them to spread the message about saving the planet.


The youngsters at Arboretum Primary School, in Corden Street, Derby, got together to act out the words to a letter which they had previously written and sent to staff at Hazelwood firm Lubrizol, which donated £300 to help pay for a series of eco-friendly activities.

The pupils gave their performance at an eco-ball at the school last Friday which featured a series of songs and poems, as well as a display of posters and bird boxes made out of recycled cartons.

They also showed off a mural in one of the school corridors which has been created by combining pupils’ artwork and also received a visit from children’s author Katherine Wheatley, in the guise of her eco-friendly character The Not-So Green Queen.

The mural was created by head teacher Nigel Daintith, who incorporated a series of designs from the children’s own pictures and used paint bought out of Lubrizol’s donation, which also paid for saplings and gardening tools.

He said that the mural – which also features Lubrizol’s logo – and the trees promise to act as a long-term reminder of the school’s commitment to making a contribution to looking after the Earth.

He said:

“The eco-ball and the mural are just two ways for us all to raise awareness of the environment and the need for sustainability and everybody has enjoyed learning about how we can all look after the planet.

“The mural was very enjoyable to paint and I’m sure it will be here long after I’ve left, while the children who planted the trees will be able to show them to their own children in the future, which makes sure that the message is passed on through the generations.”

Lubrizol’s donation has been made as part of its own pledge to help the environment and the local community through its own “Move Cleaner, Create Smarter and Live Better” mission.

Claire Hollingshurst, quality system manager at Lubrizol, said:

“It was lovely to be invited to the eco-ball and to also see the mural, which has been given pride of place close to the school reception.

“Everybody has a part to play in helping to look after the planet and it’s very clear that the pupils at Arboretum Primary School have worked very hard to learn what that involves and make their own contribution.”

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