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Campervans and kitchens top Derby savers’ wish-lists with “bigger and better holidays” delayed until 2022

Campervans and kitchens top Derby savers’ wish-lists with “bigger and better holidays” delayed until 2022

Camper vans, new kitchens and bookings for “bigger and better” holidays in 2022 are at the top of Derby people’s lists when it comes to ways in which they plan to spend their lockdown money, according to a city financial adviser.


James Wallis, founder of Aristotle Financial Planning, says that the recent extension of the UK’s lockdown and ongoing uncertainty concerning overseas travel are continuing to have the biggest say on the way in which people choose to use their savings to treat themselves.

In particular despite talk of international travel being possible the majority of clients have now scrapped 2021 as the year they enjoy a big foreign holiday and are planning to make up for it with more expensive overseas trip next year, with destinations such as Canada, the Middle East or America being considered.

In the meantime, they are planning to holiday in the UK and holding some money back, or spending this year’s holiday fund on buying a campervan, caravan, renovating their gardens or buying a new kitchen.

Aristotle, which is based at Friar Gate Studios in Ford Street, offers financial advice to a range of individuals and business owners in the local area and, contrary to many people’s expectations, James advises his clients on how to plan to spend their money and not just save it, as part of an all-round management approach to finances.

This means that he spends plenty of time helping people to decide how much money to put aside for the big-ticket purchases that make life fun and boost their happiness and wellbeing in the shorter term, whilst still looking ahead to the future.

He said:

“People’s spending plans continue to be heavily influenced by the coronavirus so, although I do have one or two clients who are keeping their fingers crossed for big holidays booked for later this year, most people have now written 2021 off completely in favour of an even bigger and better holiday next year.

“They’re not letting their money sit idle though, especially since I tell them that they lose money in real terms by saving large amounts of cash because of the low interest rates and inflation, so they’re looking at projects around the house or garden or spending it all on a campervan.

“Money is there to give us the life we want both now and in the future, so while it can’t buy us happiness, as they say, spending it to enhance your life without distracting you from your financial goals is very important.”

Earlier this month package holiday firm On The Beach said that booking volumes for next year are significantly ahead of normal, thanks to both pent-up demand and families deciding not to risk booking for 2021, only to have their trip cancelled or having to quarantine on their return to the UK.

James says that the pandemic is also having an effect on many of his clients’ plans for their future by helping their to bring their retirement plans forward - in one case by five years.

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