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Poké restaurant voted Nottingham’s most popular takeaway

Poké restaurant voted Nottingham’s most popular takeaway

A Hawaiian takeaway restaurant is making waves in Nottingham after taking the winning title for Deliveroo’s most popular food choice in the city.


Solidifying Nottingham as a hot spot for the tropical cuisine, Pokéwaves – based in the Victoria Centre, was revealed to be the number one choice for Nottingham residents in Deliveroo’s latest report*, which outlined the most popular takeaway choices for the UK by city.

Established in 2019 by co-owners Kent Hau and Kelvin Lam after meeting at university in Nottingham, Pokéwaves has gone from strength to strength since opening, due to an increase in popularity from health-conscious consumers looking to try new cuisine options.

With the Poké market expected to grow globally by just under £1 billion from now until 2024** and the global organic seafood market set to grow by 5.8% from now until 2026, the Poké sector is set to thrive, as consumers look for naturally sourced food options with health benefits***.

The Poké cuisine is a Hawaiian national fish dish invented by fishermen, who would season their cut-offs from their daily catch, and eat it raw whilst sat on boats.

Bowls typically comprise of raw marinated fish, cubed and layered with sticky rice or noodles and power-packed pickles.

Whilst Pokéwaves offers a range of signature and in-house bowls, the ‘design your own bowl’ menu option pipped them to the post, becoming the most favoured dish in the Deliveroo stats for Nottingham*.

This option allows consumers to select a base with protein, four toppings, sauce and garnish to finish - to create a bowl full of personalised favourites to fuel the day.

Co-owner, Kent Hau said:

“Our mission is to feed people’s minds, bodies and souls, whilst enriching them in the best possible way. We want people to enjoy the cuisine we have to offer, without feeling guilty for doing so. This way we can inspire people to opt for healthier alternatives when choosing a takeaway or establishment to dine in.

“Not only does Poké provide consumers with fresh, delicious produce, it allows them to discover new tastes and textures whilst delving into the world of authentic Hawaiian cuisine.”

Co-owners Kent and Kelvin of Pokéwaves are currently looking into new locations for expansion.

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