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A PERIOD home in South Derbyshire was sold within two weeks of hitting the market after professional home staging company Lemon and Lime Interiors transformed its interior.


The seven-bed property - which dates back to the 17th century – was professionally presented by the Lemon and Lime team, which worked with the owners to declutter, reorganise and refurnish the property to make it more appealing to prospective buyers.

Totalling over 10,500 square feet with a self-contained annexe and more than three acres of land, the final offer was eight and a half per cent above the asking price, with best and final bids being submitted only two weeks after it was launched to market.

Elaine Penhaul, owner of Lemon and Lime Interiors, said:

“We’re very happy that the owners of this incredible property were able to secure a successful sale in such a small space of time. Although this may be surprising to some, we experience this success regularly and witness first-hand just how much of an impact home staging can have when marketing a property.

“The first thing we did when approaching the project was to help the owner completely declutter the house, which is one of the most important steps when selling your home. Buyers are often expected to see past clutter, but this can drastically slow down the selling process and decrease the property’s value. By presenting the house as uncared for, potential buyers will quickly assume that it is not well-maintained, which will be reflected in any offers received.”

After Lemon and Lime decluttered the property, the team updated its furnishings by placing eye-catching statement pieces in each room to add a cohesive yet luxurious feel throughout - while making sure the impact of its original features was retained.

Elaine continued:

“The third step – one that is often overlooked when preparing a property for market – was to maximise the property’s potential by repurposing the spare rooms. When selling your home, it’s essential that every room has a purpose and is presented as such. This is especially important amid the pandemic as buyers are now looking for houses that offer extra amenities that are fit for both work and leisure.

“In this home, which had been lived in by the same family for over 13 years, many of the rooms had a purpose that had evolved with the needs of a growing family. Some of the arrangements wouldn’t make sense to new owners and so bedrooms became studies and dressing rooms while the small gym downstairs was reassigned to a much larger room on the second floor. The library on the ground floor was also updated to incorporate an office - reflecting the current need for space to work from home. This helped buyers to envisage how they could use the space and, in turn, attracted higher offers.”

The final step of Lemon and Lime’s transformation was to create marketing materials that properly reflected the property’s potential.

Elaine said:

“Bad lighting, blurred photos or terrible angles can completely devalue a listing and lead to buyers passing up on what could be their dream home. On every project we work on, we ensure that high-quality photographs are taken on a clear, sunny day and are carefully angled so that viewers can feel the full extent of the space. This helps to catch the interest of potential buyers and attract as many viewings as possible.”

Melissa, the previous owner of the property, said:

“For a while, we’ve had vague plans to relocate our family home. With the arrival of the pandemic, we made a sudden decision to act, which meant that we had not been working on a strategic plan to prepare our home for new owners.

“After reading Elaine’s book - 'Sell High, Sell Fast: How to sell your home for the best possible price' we knew that we had to hire the Lemon and Lime team to make sure we achieved a successful sale. We were initially quite nervous as the home had our personality stamps and histories all over it, but the moment Elaine and the Lemon and Lime team were involved, the project moved from being a daunting task to a shared, exciting new chapter for us.

“Lemon and Lime provided both physical and moral support. While efficiently sorting, dressing and styling the property, the team also shared in the joy of the house, shaped our plans and managed the selling process with photography and blog posts. The unanticipated benefit was how much we’ve enjoyed the last few months in our home. Instead of feeling at the end of a chapter, the friendly support of Elaine and the team has allowed us to relax, reminisce in the happy memories and enjoy this beautiful home one final time.”

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