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Welcome Davi - senior NHS lawyer joins leadership organisation Ignite Your Inner Potential

Welcome Davi - senior NHS lawyer joins leadership organisation Ignite Your Inner Potential

AN award-winning businesswoman and former Head of Legal Services for an NHS Trust has joined Derby-based leadership and development organisation, Ignite Your Inner Potential.


Founded by former police chief Kul Mahay, Ignite offers offers high energy courses aimed at helping with a range of skills, including developing emotional intelligence. It specialises in working with public sector organisations including universities and NHS Trusts and has seen an increase in demand for courses during the coronavirus pandemic.

And now, to help cope with this demand, they have boosted their team by recruiting Davi Rana – a former Ignite delegate - as executive coach.

A solicitor for more than 16 years, Davi joins Ignite Your Inner Potential after working as Head of Legal Services for an NHS trust in the West Midlands. She has also worked with leading law firms, run her own businesses and chaired the In House Law Society Committee in Birmingham. In 2005 she won Outstanding Business Woman of the Year through the Asian Business Chamber of Commerce, and she has also mentored young trainee solicitors.

Davi discovered Ignite Your Inner Potential after attending two of its courses, going on to qualify herself as a corporate and executive coach in 2019. She is passionate about the value of business coaching in helping people gain clarity on how to achieve their ideas, as well as successfully lead teams with emotional intelligence.

Having been a leader herself, Davi knows all too well how hard management roles really are.

She said: “After doing the courses, I took away a lot of value. Going along to something like that really does get you thinking, not just about yourself, but I think also how you develop your teams going forward.

“I think that employees should be coached. They should be offered that service. People like myself, when they take on a leadership position, should go on a leadership programme to further enhance their skills.

“When someone is senior, and they have done their job for so many years, that still doesn’t prepare you for working with different departments and for all the people you are dealing with.”

Without coaching, Davi feels that too many people can be stifled in their leadership roles, bogged down with the day-to-day and unable to develop their ideas and strategies effectively.

Davi feels coaching has particularly high value at this very moment, as we begin to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, with more of us remote working and perhaps lacking regular contact with teams.

She said she is “absolutely thrilled” to be joining Ignite Your Inner Potential.

She said: “I’m so passionate about the brand and everything that Kul has worked for, the way he has diversified himself from being a police officer to having his own coaching business.”

One of the key parts of Davi’s job will be to speak with company CEOs to help them measure the effectiveness of emotional intelligence within their organisation, to test their values and help boost recruitment.

Kul said: “I’m delighted to have Davi Rana join our team here at Ingite Your Inner Potential. With her legal and coaching experience, she is quite simply the perfect fit for what we do.

“Being an emotionally intelligent leader can help recruit the finest talent when it comes to bettering your business and David is perfect for the role.

“Davi has proven that she really knows how to be a successful businesswoman. She is ideally placed to inspire others to unlock their creativity and ideas, as she has done. I couldn’t be more pleased to be working with her as we look forward with hope and renewed purpose to 2021 and the years beyond.”

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