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Leading Midlands Events Company Launch Brand New Escape Room

Leading Midlands Events Company Launch Brand New Escape Room

The harsh climate Covid-19 has thrown businesses into has caused many in the hospitality and events industry to get creative and take their companies into new territory. One of those businesses is Eventurous, a leading events and team building company based in The Midlands. Faced with an uncertain period of lockdown where their core offering and live events was depleted, Eventurous focused on developing their best loved team building activities in a virtual format.


After some hard work and lots of creativity from the team, Eventurous are now delivering a portfolio of successful virtual team building events. From lively game shows to delicious culinary experiences, there’s something there to engage and refresh weary employees missing the social construct of the office.

And now Eventurous have expanded their portfolio with an exciting and intriguing escape room team building activity. Developed in-house, Ransom offers a unique chance to get remote teams working together to solve puzzles and defeat Chaos Group. Differing from most other virtual escape rooms, ‘Ransom’ includes real-time assistance with a live events team and an immersive, story-led experience that tests communication and puzzle-solving skills.

“A highly organised and well-equipped criminal organisation known as ‘Chaos Group’ have threatened to release their newly developed poison. It’s up to you to track down and stop them before time runs out. Your predecessor's investigation became compromised and it’s now your responsibility to finish what they started.”

Packed with challenging puzzles, suspicious characters and a thrilling storyline, “Ransom” brings a unique new game to satiate those who have tired of typical escape room options. With the popularity of the search term ‘virtual escape rooms’ increasing by 93% over 2020 [Google Trends], it’s clear that virtual escape rooms are the sought-after option for a great team building experience.

“We’ve seen a huge demand for virtual escape rooms over the pandemic.” Says Kieron Bowen, Sales Director at Eventurous “They provide a captivating experience that’s not only fun but also helps to develop important skills and improve workplace communication. This is especially important for those working remotely. Our escape room activities have always been one of our most popular options, but demand for virtual escape rooms and repeat customers wanting a new option, prompted us to develop something that’s different and engaging.”

We’re all in need of a little escapism right now, and an exciting, narrative-based puzzle game is the perfect way to take your teams minds off the lockdown and get them reconnecting and socialising with each other. In recent years, the escape room model has become a global phenomenon, where players must find their way out of a room or ‘virtual situation’ by solving a series of clues and puzzles against the clock.A successful escape will require participants to work as a team to find hidden clues and solve challenging clues.

Asked why Ransom stands out from the virtual team building crowd, Adam Marriott – one of the escape room’s creators – said

"Unlike many other online escape rooms, Ransom is unique in that it is story-driven. Extra care and effort have been put into creating an immersive world for the player, with interesting characters, puzzles, and clues. Teamwork is essential if the player wants to be successful as they navigate across different levels, each with their own unique tasks to complete"

Eventurous have been delivering events for over 30 years and the move to virtual team building events has helped them thrive despite the challenges of the pandemic. With the rise of the remote office and many brands moving to a more flexible workplace, it looks like virtual escape rooms are here to stay.

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