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Let the sauces come out and play!

Let the sauces come out and play!

Through chaos comes creativity, and this is true for Lincolnshire’s newest company Nerd Sauce. 


In the Spring of 2020, when weddings and events were cancelled, Sam Owen owner of the Salted Orange Food Company took to the kitchen to create a range of fresh, tasty and inspirational sauces. 

Sam wanted to challenge the convenience of the big brands we use day in and day out, and launch a range of condiments, each unique, yet each serving up a flavour punch to the palette.

Much like the periodic table, each sauce has its elements, which are, of course, the finest of local ingredients, the hottest of chillies, and the sweetest of spices.

None hotter than the fiery and extraordinary Naga Death Sauce. The hottest of sauces, packed with the finest Naga Chillies, one of the hottest chillies in the world, this sauce certainly packs a punch at a mouth-melting 1.3m Scoville heat units. 

With the slogan ‘Quite simply, this is how death feels’, it is not surprising that many will wince at Naga Death, yet spice lovers are still curious to give it a try.

Turning down the heat just a notch, the Sriracha inspired Kashmiri, won’t set your mouth on fire, but still packs a punch at 2000 Scoville. More manageable than Naga Death, but more than the industry standard, the complex Kashmiri will certainly turn heads at the dinner table.

Owner of Nerd Sauce Sam Owen said:

“As a chef, I believe that flavour and quality is everything, and through Nerd Sauce I wanted to bring something new to the table (pun intended), something with locally sourced, naturally good quality ingredients, and that isn’t filled to the brim with water or thickener.”

“I believe that sauces are much more than sauces they are ingredients, and the range we have launched today, has something for every taste from the Sunday roast right through to the Friday night takeaway, some have been inspired by the classics, whilst others are like nothing you have tasted before.”

Nerd Sauce plans to take the sauces out of the cupboard and gives them pride of place on every table across the UK.  

The king of the Nerd Sauce cupboard is of course Ketchup, and with a boost of balsamic vinegar and a sprinkling of smoked paprika, everyone’s favourite source has been given a new lease of life.  

Similarly, the all American classic BBQ has been given a very British makeover. The perfect blend of molasses, Worcester sauce and Cider Vinegar, make this broody sauce, much more than a summer sizzler.

Nerd Sauce has launched their first 12 flavours, but be sure many more curious creations are on their way. For now, simply enjoy and pass the sauce! 

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