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East Midlands Favourite Vending Snack

East Midlands Favourite Vending Snack

It’s official. East Midlands has a sweet tooth. Confectionery accounts for 31% of all sales from vending machines provided by Cema Vending.East Midlands favourite snack is the Food Connections Bakewell Flapjack.This accounts for 4% of all sales!Here are some more fun facts about East Midlands eating and drinking habits based on figures from Cema Vending.

So, what are offices across the East Midlands snacking on?

After confectionery, crisps are the top-selling food item.They account for 27% of total sales.Sweet bags only account for 7% of total sales.Taken across all food categories, McCoys appears to be a fan favourite with offices across East Midlands but the FC Bakewell Flapjack takes top place with 7217 sales – that’s a lot of flapjack.

Something that isn’t giving us nightmares is the sales of cheese-flavoured crisps, which account for 36% of all crisp sales and 10% of total sales.This puts them well ahead of the two-best-selling alternative flavours.In fact, McCoys Flame-Grilled and McCoys Salt and Vinegar together only account for 21% of crisp sales and 7% of total sales.

In fact, cheese-flavoured crisps are even more popular than the Caramel Fudge Flapjack.This accounts for 14% of all confectionery sales and 4% of total sales.That said, overall, flapjacks are still the winner.They account for 29% of confectionery sales and 9% of total sales.

Even though sweet bags only accounted for 7% of all sales, Nestle Randoms were the 9th best-selling food item and the 12th best-selling item overall.They accounted for 37% of all sweet sales and 2.5% of total sales.This was almost double the next best-selling sweet.

East Midlands (generally) prefers cans to bottles

You can probably already guess some of the big brand names that sold the most drinks in our vending machines. Drinks accounted for 35% of all sales but there is a clear preference for cans (21%) over bottles (14%).Unsurprisingly, Coke took the top spot in both cans and bottles.It accounted for 21% of all can sales and 17% of all bottle sales.That translates into 6% of total sales (4% cans and 2% bottles).

This means that cans of Coke on their own outsold the Food Connections Bakewell Flapjack.Cans and bottles together put it well ahead.On the other hand, taken overall both flapjacks and cheese-flavoured crisps still outsell coke.

Keep your office stocked up!

The above information has been provided by Cema Vending who are specialists in providing office and commercial environments with a range of food and drink vending machines. If you fancy a barrister style coffee in the morning or a quick pick-me-up flapjack before your next meeting, find out how Cema Vending can help keep your employees replenished and hydrated.

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