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East Midlands businesses team up to spark a sustainable future for housing

East Midlands businesses team up to spark a sustainable future for housing

Champions (UK) plc, a strategic branding and communications partner, shows a warm welcome to Fischer Future Heat, as the two East Midlands-based businesses team up to spark a sustainable future for their community.

With eyes set on raising the sustainable heating company’s profile in the UK, Champions (UK) plc have been enlisted for its recognised expertise in delivering tactical communications strategies and proven track record.

Fischer Future Heat are providers of electric heating solutions, that get their edge from their ability to eliminate the inefficiencies of traditional gas boiler systems and night storage heaters. The company’s solutions include market leading products that are backed by over 70 years’ experience and electric heating systems powered by renewable energy sources.

And due to the extent of current challenges being faced in the market and wider societal shifts, the partnership could not have come at a better time.

Like all industries, heating suppliers are under great pressure to reduce their contribution to the climate crisis and meet governmental goals of reaching net zero by 2050. Consequently, Fischer Future Heat believe new homes and buildings being developed today need to have a future focus.

And the company’s portable, cost effective products are the solution. Not only can the electrical heating systems be powered by renewable energy reserves, but they also require no plumbing or centralised control, enabling them to be individually controlled in specific areas of the house as and when an individual requires.

On the benefits of its heating systems, Keith Bastian, CEO of Fischer Future Heat explains: “Just like you wouldn’t turn on all the hobs on a cooker to make a meal, you shouldn’t need to turn on the heating in a whole house to heat just one room.

“While this has been a long-standing issue, recent events have only highlighted it, particularly as more people work from home and look for ways to reduce household bills as the UK faces an economic downturn.

“By partnering with Champions, we want to raise awareness of our solutions among homeowners, as well as developers in our local area. This way, as a community, we will be well on our way to a sustainable future.”

This community spirit is nothing new for the company, either. Rather, they have had close sponsorship ties with local teams and organisations, including Leicester Tigers, Leicester Riders, Leicester City Football Club and Leicestershire County Cricket Club over the years.

The community focus was just one of the reasons Champions (UK) plc is proud to be working with Fischer Future Heat.

Matthew Hayes, Managing Director of Champions explains, “It’s great to see another likeminded business in the area, and even more so that they have recognised our work and enlisted our help.

“As well as a community focus, we have a strong footing in the sustainability field, having worked with the likes of Delta Global and Smarter Business, for instance, and are in good stead to help Fischer Future Heat raise their profile, too.”

With the help of Champions, Fischer Future Heat are on track to grow their already-200 people strong team and portfolio of 70,000 customers.

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