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Sports Car Dealers start new business in the midst of a Global Pandemic

Sports Car Dealers start new business in the midst of a Global Pandemic

A pair of West Midlands sports car salesmen have switched their high-flying careers in the motor trade for a joint venture in the locksmith industry.

Chris Hitches (31) and Lewis Moore (30), both from Knowle near Solihull, have invested in a two-region franchise with nationally based locksmith firm, LockFit.

The duo had previously worked as car salesmen for Porsche and BMW but despite the radical shift in career, the childhood friends have already achieved extraordinary success.

Chris said:


“The car industry had been going through some major changes which neither of us was able to control- partly down to Covid19, so we have been looking into various investment opportunities for a while.

“When we saw what LockFit was offering, we were both really keen. The start-up costs were very modest but in terms of training, support, and credibility, LockFit stood out a mile.

“We bought two areas - Coventry and Warwick & Leamington Spa - and it’s been fantastic right from day one.”

Established in 2018, LockFit is a national company with nearly 50 franchise territories sold across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - and having become part of the company’s network, Chris is delighted they took the plunge.

Chris added:

“Becoming part of a serious professional infrastructure means we were able to establish ourselves with the proper standards and the proper credibility from the outset.

“In addition to the extensive training and support we get from the LockFit nationally, we also have access to the founder, Kevin Russell. There’s also a very active community of LockFit franchisees, so if we ever come across a lock mechanism we haven’t seen before, we can upload a photo and get input from our colleagues within minutes.”

Remarkably, despite beginning their venture in the midst of a pandemic, the new franchise’s seem to have benefitted from Covid-19.

The stamp duty holiday has seen a boom in house sales, which has increased the demand for new locks. And the prevalence of people being confined to their houses has also meant increased demand for home improvements – including locks and security devices.

Lewis, whose family has always been involved in franchises, has been thrilled not just by the speed and scale of his own franchise’s success but by the potential for ongoing expansion.

He said:

“Last year has seen us bring in nearly double the business that we were aiming at - and that’s already given us the confidence to start planning ahead.

“We’ll be looking to add a third territory to our business in the summer of 2021 and to employ an additional member of staff to help us manage the workload."

As regards the work itself, neither Chris nor Lewis has any doubts. Lewis added:

“Both Chris and I are enjoying the work, we’re enjoying the job satisfaction and we’re enjoying the flexibility it brings. For our lifestyles as well as our careers, it feels like one of the best moves we’ve ever made.”

Founder and Managing Director Kevin Russell said

“I am really pleased with how Chris and Lewis have taken to this business and followed our Franchise system resulting in their success”

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