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2021 KuKu Cocktail Hour  Free online business networking hosted by: Stephen & Philip from KuKu Connect - Wednesday, 27th January 5-6pm

2021 KuKu Cocktail Hour Free online business networking hosted by: Stephen & Philip from KuKu Connect - Wednesday, 27th January 5-6pm

Facebook Live in the KuKu Connect Corona Group Cocktail & business connections with 1000s

Our next virtual online Connect Reception will take place on Wednesday, 27th December at 5pm - this is free to access and open to all businesses and community organisations. The online Connect Receptions currently take place on the last Wednesday of each month during the pandemic and like our regular physical Connect Receptions, we will be making these both fun and effective.

The KuKu Cocktail Hour now has a national audience, reaching 1000's. It is is a really easy and effective way to make new connections and securing new business. You'll be able to chat with other viewers and post your contact details, website or LinkedIn profile in the live chat feed, but you won't be seen yourself, so you don't need to worry about your background, your hair/make-up, clothes or even children and animals running around you. Business is happening as a result of the KuKu Cocktail Hours, so don't forget to pour yourself your favourite tipple of start connecting with us on Wednesday, 27th January at 5pm!

Over 6000 views for your business - all for free to support you

We will be introducing and promoting businesses throughout the cocktail hour, so if you would like a shout-out, you have any news, advice, offers, events or any tips for businesses in this challenging period then do let us know by emailing us and we will promote your business and information during the cocktail hour, for free during the pandemic. Our previous Cocktail Hour has so far had over 6,000 views in total.

If you would like to have your business featured during KuKu Cocktail Hour please email us by Tuesday, 28th December, by 1pm, at the latest. With thousands of views by other businesses and consumers, the KuKu Cocktail Hour is an ideal way to keep your business in the minds of thousands of other organisations, so don't miss out on this free event, which is open to any business or community organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To access KuKu Cocktail Hour you will need to join the KuKu Connect Corona group on Facebook, then simply login to your Facebook account and be online and ready for 5pm and in true KuKu style pour yourself your favourite tipple and join us in Carry On KuKu and carry on connecting. Have you found us on Youtube yet?

We had a sparkling experience with top British designer, David Fowkes Jewellery reviewing luxury pendants - part of the truly bespoke and beautiful range offered by David and his artisan team in London and Nottinghamshire.

Watch the full video on YouTube to see the award-winning £75,000 pendant!

Head over to YouTube and watch the video now and don't forget subscribe to our channel and hit the alarm bell as we have great luxury reviews lined up!

David Fowkes Jewellery define elegance with unique, handmade gemstone award-winning jewellery. Co-create your own concept through to reality to produce the finest contemporary jewellery of the highest range and quality:

On our new YouTube channel The KuKu KiKi we have featured diamonds, a luxury venue and artisan glass, with much more to come from some of the best, so do join us on our discovery of showcasing all things luxurious.

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