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HOME staging experts Lemon and Lime Interiors are now offering free property evaluations following the launch of the business’s brand-new service, Scorecard.

The service requires sellers to answer a series of questions about the state of their property before creating a detailed report on how it can be improved. The report aims to equip homeowners with all of the tools needed to secure a sale.

Once the report is compiled, the Scorecard calculates an overall rating on how ready your property is to attract buyers. The report breaks the rating down into five key categories - details about your sale, your property’s exterior, internal decoration, carpets and curtains, and the cleanliness of your home - in order to provide you with top tips to prepare for sale.

Elaine Penhaul, owner of Lemon and Lime Interiors, said: “We’re really excited about the launch of this new service, which aims to make the marketing advantages of home staging accessible to everyone. We cannot stress enough the importance of presentation when putting your property up for sale, so we think it’s imperative that people prepare their homes properly in order to make sure it sells in the quickest possible time at the highest possible price.”

Once the Scorecard ratings have been calculated, users are sent a downloadable PDF, which includes help and advice on how to best prepare the property for market.

Elaine continued: “Home staging as a service is often overlooked, but in reality it’s an extremely valuable marketing tool that sellers can’t afford to ignore. First impressions are everything when it comes to selling a home, so making sure the property comes across as well cared for is essential when attracting buyers.”

This innovative Scorecard service is just one of many ways in which Lemon and Lime Interiors is expanding its home staging offering. The company launched its virtual home staging service in May 2020 to help sellers reap the benefits of staging during lockdown and followed this with the successful launch of its data-driven home staging app, Stageflow.

Elaine also recently published her Amazon best-selling book – ‘Sell High Sell Fast: How to Sell Your Home for the Best Possible Price, in the Quickest Possible Time’ – which provides readers with detailed top tips and tricks on how to boost the sale of their property through home staging. The book is currently available to all Scorecard users for free to help them gain a more in-depth understanding of home staging techniques and how to use them effectively to attract buyers.

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